1 Peggy Stöckigt, M.A. I IUZ I TU Bergakademie Freiberg I Lessingstraße 45 I 09596 Freiberg Tel. 0 37 31/39-2603 I Fax 0 37 31/39-0 I I www.iuz.tu-freiberg.de

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1 Peggy Stckigt, M.A. I IUZ I TU Bergakademie Freiberg I Lessingstrae 45 I 09596 Freiberg Tel. 0 37 31/39-2603 I Fax 0 37 31/39-0 I I www.iuz.tu-freiberg.de Internationales Universittszentrum Alexander von Humboldt Dual Degree Programme AGH Krakv TU Bergakademie Freiberg AGH Krakv 1st December 2005 Slide 2 2 International Study Dual Degree Programmes of TU BAF France Universit de Savoie, Chambry Universit de Marne-la-Valle Universit de Metz Italy Universit degli studi di Trento Poland University of Science and Technology Cracow Technical University Cracow Academy of Economics Poznan Silesian University of Technology Gliwice Slide 3 3 International Study Dual Degree Programmes Russia Consortium of Universities in Moscow Ukraine National Metallurgic Academy of the Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Hungary Central European University, Budapest University Miskolc Czech Republic VSB Ostrava Slide 4 4 Dual Degree Agreement University of Science and Technology Faculty of Mining and Geo-Engineering Faculty of Metallurgy Faculty of Materials Science TU Bergakademie Freiberg Faculty of Geo- Engineering and Mining, since 2000 Faculty of Materials Science and Materials Technology, since 2001 Slide 5 5 Why a Dual Degree Programme? 2-3 semesters abroad intercultural and language competence Diploma thesis in the language of the host country 2 diplomas (TU BAF und AGH Krakv) improves chances on the labour market Use of ECTS Slide 6 6 Admission requirements: Delegation from the partner university Bachelors degree or equivalent degree (basic study) in sciences, engineering or business administration Sufficient knowledge of the German language (600 hours) equivalent academic programmes in the partner universities Slide 7 7 Who can apply? Students who will have completed their 8th semester when going abroad Students with study achievements above- average Students with good German language skills Slide 8 8 Organisational matters Application Process Studies Courses Health Insurance Residential home Mensa (Canteen) Slide 9 9 Application process Get information on application procedures from your International Office or the responsible professor Send all necessary documents to International University Center at the TU BAF Slide 10 10 Necessary documents Completed form Antrag auf Immatrikulation fr Austauschstudenten Written confirmation of your home university about your delegation to the TU BAF Confirmed transcript of records with a German translation Reference of German language skills (DSH 2, Test DaF 4) with a German translation Slide 11 11 Studies Instructional language: German Beginning of summer semester: 01th April 2006 (Apply until 15th Januar 2006) Beginning of winter semester: 01th October 2006 (Apply until 15th June 2006) Registration at Freiberg University Intensive German course in September + Test DSH Payment of semester fees of currently 60 Slide 12 12 Courses ECTS-catalogue in the internet at: www.tu-freiberg.de/~ects/german/index.html Slide 13 13 Health insurance Get an insurance in Poland Slide 14 14 Residential home Send application form together with application for programme to the International University Center in Freiberg Single rooms from 150 to 250 Deposit: about 2 months rent (repayment after you moved out) Cooking facilities Kitchenware available Bedding at a fee Slide 15 15 Mensa (Canteen) Breakfast Lunch Supper each from 1 to 3 Slide 16 16 Information www.iuz.tu-freiberg.de Internationales Universittszentrum Lessingstrae 45, Zi. 1106 Tel: +49(0)3731-39-2625 Fax: +49(0)3731-39-3659 E-Mail: katja.polanski@iuz.tu-freiberg.de Slide 17 17 See you in Freiberg! http://www.iuz.tu-freiberg.de