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  • Innovative Solutions for Sustainability

    New Technologies

    Druckaufgeladene Receiver fr solare Hybridsysteme Pressurized receiver for solar hybrid systems

    14. Klner Sonnenkolloquium


    Roman Korzynietz*, Reiner Buck1, Ralf Uhlig1

    *Abengoa Solar NT, Rambla del Obispo Orber 11, 1 planta, 04001 Almera, Spain1 Deutsches Zentrum fr Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., Pfaffenwaldring 38-40, 70569 Stuttgart

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    Abengoa Solar - Plataforma Solar Sanlcar la Mayor, Sevilla, Spain

  • Demonstration of a pre-commercial solar-hybrid tower system with a 4.6 MWel gas turbine driven by solar energy from a tubular pressurized air receiver

    Construction finishs in early 2012

    Solugas(Solar Up-scale Gas Turbine System)



    Coupling solar energy with a utility scale commercial GT

    High efficiency

    Low water consumption

    Fast startup

    Dispatchable energy, with optional storage





    Abengoa Solar NT (ES):tower, heliostat field, integration

    Turbomach (CH):gas turbine incl. modification

    GEA (PL):receiver manufacturing

    DLR (GER):receiver and system layout, modeling

    NEAL (ALG):Market assessment

    Main Info

    Project : Solar Up-scale Gas Turbine System

    Acronym: SOLUGAS

    Project N: 219110

    Coordinator: Abengoa Solar NT

    Project Start: 01.11.2008

    Project Duration: 54 months

    Funding Scheme: Collaborative Project

    EC Support: 7th Framework Programme

    Abengoa Solar


    DLR + GEA


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    Cylindrical design

    Cavity with small aperture to minimizeconvection and radiation losses

    10 Segments

    Distributor: Stainless steel

    Collector and absorber tubes: Inconel

    170 parallel absorber tubes

    Thermal compensation by pre- stressed bellows

    New insulation concept

    Over 300 sensors

    Receiver inlet temperature: 330C

    Receiver outlet temperature: 800C

    Fluid: Air

    Pressure: 10 bar

    Pressure drop: 250 mbar

    Solugas Tubular Receiver

    6 m

    5 m

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    Raise receiver outlet temperature up to 1000C for air receivers

    High receiver efficiency

    Low pressure drop

    Highly modular and scalable to any power plant size


    Soltrec - high temperature pressurized volumetric air receiver

    Main Info

    Eureka International Cooperation Project Soltrec

    Abengoa Solar NT - Soltrec I Funding by CDTI (Spain)

    DLR & Heraeus - Soltrec II Funding by BMU (Germany)

  • Refos-The feasibility of the pressurized volumetric receiver technology with secondary concentrator has been proven. Testing different absorber types for different temperatures.

    SolgateSuccessful demonstration of the combination of a gas micro-turbine and a pressurized volumetric solar receiver, at a power level of 230 kWel.

    SolhycoFirst demonstration of a 100% renewable electricity generation with a commercial gas turbine based on biofuels.Successful modifications on a commercial 100 kWel helicopter turbine. First conical tubular receiver.

    Refos Volumetric Receiver


    Previous Experience

    Solhyco tubular receiver

  • Compressed air receiver outlet temperatures up to 1000 C, combining:a) Tubular receiver until 800 Cb) Volumetric receiver 800 1000 C

    Solar field configurations with multiple receivers and cavities leads to optimization of cost, O&M, usage of different incidence angles and flux distribution of focal spot


    Solugas - Future plant design

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    Stage of tower construction Stage of heliostat field construction

    Solugas Construction

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    Thank you for your attention!

    Roman Korzynietz*, Reiner Buck1, Ralf Uhlig1

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