Animals in Space

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a german language presentation of animals in space.

Text of Animals in Space

  • 1. DerTiere-und-AstronautenKlub
    Wirscheissennach den Mond.

2. Die Gesichte
In 1949 hat Albert II, ein Rhesus-Affen, dieserKlubgegrndet.
DerHund, derLaikaheisst, war die Ersten in den Weltall.
3. Die Ziele
Drchalle des Universumszureisen und zujungenTierenanzulernen
4. Sollst du unsererKlubdichbeteiligen?
WennSieInteressen von den Weltall und den Tierenhaben: JA!
5. Ein Interview miteinemMitglied
How did you get involved with this group?
Well, I originally watched movies like 2000: a Space Odyssey and Planet of the Apes, which really got me interested in space.
Daisy Smith, a veteran club member
6. Ein Interview miteinemMitglied
What is your favourite part of the club?
Probably the fact the members can be sent off to space one day. Which is what were all about: sending each other to space to explore. Its pretty cool, I guess. Its space: planets, galaxies, and the universe: what a concept!
7. Ein Interview miteinemMitglied
What do you personally contribute to the club?
I usually help new entrants prepare for whats to come, in the form of orientation meetings and Im pretty much a guide for the new members. I also do book keeping.
8. Ein Interview miteinemMitglied
Do you think youll end up in space one of these days?
Yeah! Definitely! Im on the plans for a trip in 2013. We might be going to the Moon or possibly Mars if we get enough funding.
9. Ein Interview miteinemMitglied
Funding? Where do you get that?
Haha, its supposed to be hush-hush, but this club is really just a branch off NASA, so were subsidized by them and the gov, yknow?
10. Ein Interview miteinemMitglied
So my taxes pay for your trips?
11. BerhmtenMitglieder
Space-Affen, Baker
Strelka und Belka