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  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    Translator: Nasrin As-Salafiyah

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    Saamih is a hardworking student,

    he loves knowledge, and reviewshis works of school in the house with care, without tiredness or


  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    One night, he was staying up in

    his room, he was reviewing hislessons as his habit. When he felt

    thirsty, he stood up to bring aglass of water for himself.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


     After Saamih drunk andquenched (his thirst), he looked

    (outside) from his room windowthat is overlooking the street. Hesaw the quietness is everywhereand the darkness is covering the


  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


     And when he became concernedabout returning to review his

    lessons, he noticed on thedistanced an unusual movementby some of the men. So, he waited

    to see what happens.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    ey were four men. It appearsthat they were strangers. ey

     were wandering and pointing ateach others with special signs, sothe residents of the houses wouldnot recognize them to turn off  the

    lights on the street.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    It increased Saamih’s attention tothem, so he hastened to turn off  

    the light in his room, and begunto observe them and follow their

    movements from his window.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    e four strange men came near ahouse on the other side of the

    street, such that Saamih was ableto see them easily.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    e strange men sneaked into thehouse very carefully, and after a

    little while, a small truck stoppedin front of the house silently.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    Saamih looked at the actions of

    these men with suspicions, and histhought guided him to contactthe police department, and heinformed them what he saw.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    Saamih took from the table asmall notebook written in it

    important telephone numbers, sohe contacted the police

    department and informed them what he saw.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


     After a little while, the police men were at the place, they went nearthe house silently, and it was but

    moments until they arrested thefour men. ey drove them to the(police) department, and left onepolice man to guard the door of

    the house.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    Saamih sat on his table after he was assured about what he did,

    but he was not able toconcentrate in memorizing his

    lessons. He begun to ask himselfabout these men, and what they

     were trying (to do).

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    In the morning, Saamih narratedto his father what happened, so hepraised him for his good action,and while they were talking, they

    heard a knock on the door.Saamih hurried and opened thedoor. He found in front of him apolice man, he requested him tocome to the department to meet

    the director of security, to givehim thanks for his beautiful help.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


    Saamih was accompanied by hisfather, so they both went together

    to meet the security officer. He welcomed them and said to

    Saamih: we were able to arrest the

    most dangerous gang of theft ofhome due to your contacting withus. erefore, we present to you acertificate of appreciation and a

    amount of money, as a reward for

    you, because you are a righteousand noble citizen.

  • 8/17/2019 Ar-Eng kids


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