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  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    A Simple Discipline Strategyfor Promoting Positive Behavior

    Rick MorrisCreator of New Management

    Clip Chart

  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    ClipChart: a SimpleDiSCiplineStrategyfor promoting poSitiveBehavior i

    Clip Chart: A Simple Discipline Strategy for Promoting Positive BehaviorCopyright 2009 by Rick Morris

    I.S.B.N. 1-889236-09-8

    All rights reserved.Permission is hereby grnted by the uthor for the reproduction of this book.

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  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    ClipChart: a SimpleDiSCiplineStrategyfor promoting poSitiveBehavior

    Dcili achig,o punshment.

    T. Bery Bzl


  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    Clip Chart

    A Simple Discipline Strategy

    for Promoting Positive Behavior

    I got from my sons third grde techer, truly gied mn by the nme of Jonthn McDde. Its wonderfully simple

    strtegy tht I ws ble to use in my own clssroom with gret success. And now tht Im nolonger in the clssroomI resigned from my school district this pst June er thirty-one

    yers of teching nd three yers of leve of bsenceIve been shring this sme strtegys prt of the discipline seminr I present t schools nd districts.

    Ltely, though, I ve received number of emil requests bout the ide from techers whohd herd bout it from nother techer nd were looking for bit more informtion bout

    how it ll works. Tus, this eBook.

    By the way: If you nd yourself working with tough group of students, i.e.,lots of negtive behvior nd ggressive limit testers, you shouldnt strtout using the Clip Chrt.

    Wht youre going to need is strtegy tht enbles you to esily identifyanddocumentproblem behvior so tht you cn begin to del with it. For thosesitutions, I suggest you try the Behvior CODES strtegy. Its continedin my book,Eight Great Ideas. Ten, er youve been ble to steer them llin better direction, you could esily switch over to the Clip Chrt.

    o this dy, I cn still remember the morning I wlked into Mr. McDdes clssroom to hngout for while nd spend bit of one-on-one time with some of his students. As I wnderedround the room, I cme upon multi-colored chrt. About foot wide nd mybe fourfeet long, it ws hnging on the wll t the front of the room. Te whole thing ws mdefrom construction pper tht hd then been lminted. Attched to the chrt were woodenclothespins. Ech clothespin hd the nme of student written on it.


    Inhismust-readbook,SettingLimitsintheClassroom,RobertMacKenziestatesthatmostmisbehaviorintheclass-roomisjustlimit testing.Healsopointsoutthatsomestudentsaremoreaggressivetestersthanothers.

    an idea


  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    ClipChart: a SimpleDiSCiplineStrategyfor promoting poSitiveBehavior 2

    It took me ll of ve seconds to relize the bril-lince of his ide.

    Te clothespins started out the day

    clipped to the middle of the chart.

    Yes, of course.

    Now tht I see it, it mkes so much more sense.

    (Ill expnd on this thought in just bit.)

    The Big Picture

    Clip Chrtthe nme Ive come to cll it; youcn cll it whtever you wishconsists of justtwo items.

    1. Alaminatedstripofpaperthathasbeendividedintosevenlevels.

    2. Asetofclothespinswiththenameofastudentwrittenoneachone.

    Te clothespins re clipped to the le nd rightedges of the Ra La level of the chrt.

    During the course of the dy, the clothespins moveup nd down the chrt bsed upon the behviorlchoices ech student mkes. Good behvior cusesthe clothespin to move up one level. Conversely,inpproprite behvior will cuse the clothespin tomove down one level.

    Wht could be esier?

    As you can see, each level hasbeen labeled. Outstanding is atthe top of the chart and ParentContact resides at the bottom.

  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    ClipChart: a SimpleDiSCiplineStrategyfor promoting poSitiveBehavior 3

    aSomewht mystied by my stnce:

    Well, Rick. Since you asked, Im going to say that the color-coded Pocket Chart we havein my room is pretty easy to use.

    Every student begins the day with a set of colored squares in his pocket. We use therainbow as our color guide so everyones pocket starts o with the violet card on top.Whenever a child is not following one of our rules, I merely ask him to remoe a card

    om his pocket.

    Te rst remoal results in the blue card being visible. Subsequent remoals go omgreen to yellow to orange, and nally, to red.

    At the end of the day, I have a student re-place all of the colored cards that had been

    remoed so that everyone once again startsthe day with the violet card showing.

    Hey, youre right. Tt does sound esy.

    So why the heck m I tking the time to producen eBook on the Clip Chrt? Teres got to be reson. Aer ll, its not s if Im sitting roundStrbucks sipping ltte trying to think of some-thing to do with my dy.

    The Clip Chart versus the Pocket Chart

    Inspired by the forementioned Pocket Chrt, the Clip Chrt is clever dpttion tht hssome rel dvntges over its predecessor.

    Advantage OneAs ws just stted on the previous pge, students clothespin trvels up nd down the chrtbsed upon his behvior. If hes mking good choices, its going to be moving up. If not, itsgoing down. Tis up-nd-down movement is signicnt deprture from the down-onlystyle of the Pocket Chrt.

    For the most prt, the use of the Pocket Chrt ws limited to those times when the techersked tht students crd be removed for misbehvior. Unfortuntely, this creted n envi-ronment in which techers focused the mjority of their ttention on the identiction ofnegtive behvior. Mke mistke, lose crd. Conversely, do good job of being respon-sible, hrd-working student nd Im not going to do thing.













  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    ClipChart: a SimpleDiSCiplineStrategyfor promoting poSitiveBehavior 4

    Im not sying tht techers didnt wnt to be positive. Not t ll. It ws just tht there wsno wy to indicte on the Pocket Chrt tht good things were going on in the clssroomexcept to leve the students crd untouched. Sd but true. rue but sd.

    Te predictble result of the Pocket Chrt progrm?


    Gosh, whts not to like bout tht?

    Advantage TwoAll of the clothespins strt in the middle level,Ra La, nd not in the top level,


    Tts wht so struck me tht morning when Iwlked into my sons third grde clssroom nd swthe Clip Chrt for the rst time. All of the clothes-

    pins were clipped to the edge of the middle level.

    Te students didnt strt out their dy t the top ofthe chrt the wy the Pocket Chrt hd everyonestrting with the best color. Every student in this room begn the dy in neutrl spot ndthen ttempted to work his wy up the chrt. And thts the brillince of the ide.

    When the Pocket Chrt ws rst introduced, we were ll lulled into thinking tht it mdesense for everyone to strt on the best color. Upon further review, though, tht conceptdoesnt mke sense for couple of resons.

    False AccomplishmentFor one, strting on the best color cn contribute to clssroom culture of flse ccomplish-ment.

    Clssrooms using the Pocket Chrt hve students begin their dy with high mrk in citi-

    zenshipViolet crd, the best you cn do!tht ws neither erned nor chieved. Abso-lutely no eort, self-control, or responsible behvior ws necessry to receive this prize. It

    ws just hnded to them when they wlked in the door. And in my humble opinion, thereslredy enough pndering going on in our society s it is without techers iding nd bet-ting the whole mess.


  • 7/28/2019 Clip Chart eBook


    ClipChart: a SimpleDiSCiplineStrategyfor promoting poSitiveBehavior 5

    A student using the Clip Chrt, however, experiences true sense of ccomplishment s hisclothespin moves up the chrt becuse of his good choices. More thn merely hnging ontohis violet crd by voiding negtive behvior, he went out of his wy to exhibit positive be-hvior. And if he does end up on Outstnding, its becuse he erned it. He didnt strt out

    on tht level. He ctully got there by being responsible, productive student.

    Wy to go, hrd worker.

    The Reluctance to Pull a CardAnother reson tht strting t the top is debtble concept is the irreversibility of crdbeing removed.

    When the Pocket Chrt ws rst introduced, we were tught tht once crd ws removedfrom the