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    Alexander Khler

    Curriculum Vitae

    I am passionate about editing- editing can make or break a great film.

    1. Personal Details: Name: Alexander Quirin Khler I.D. Number: 9209245287089 Nationality: South African AFDA Student Number 513040 Date of Birth: 24-September-1992 University: AFDA The South African School of Motion Picture & Live Performance 41 Frost Avenue Auckland Park Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa 2092 Physical Address: 52 Acacia Circle Dowerglen Edenvale Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa 1609 Current Position: Video Editor for Africa News Network (ANN7) Software: Final Cut Pro 7 (80%), Velocity (80%), Apple Color (60 %) & Premiere Pro CS6 (70 %) After Effects (60%) Website:

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    Contact Information: Cell Phone Number: +27-72-494-6047 Telephone Number: +27-11-452-3694 E-mail Address: YouTube Account Link: Show-reel: 1: Show-reel: 2: Show-reel: 3: 2. Academic and Professional Qualifications:

    Matric (2010), The School of Merit Private School, Edenvale, Johannesburg Matric Results: Bachelors Degree entrance with a distinction in Math Literacy. I obtained

    66% for English, 60% for Afrikaans, 47% for History, 71% for Life Orientation, 55% for Life Sciences, 86% for Mathematical Literacy and 39% for Physical Sciences.

    2009: Completed matric community service at the Primrose SPCA 2010:Emergency First Aid Course Level 1 2012: Padi open water scuba diving course 2012: Achieved my river and dam skippers license At AFDA The South African School of Motion Picture and Live Performance in Johannesburg I did Acting, Editing, Directing and Screenwriting and in my 3rd and final year, I majored in film editing. 2011: Passed 1st year AFDA with a first for acting (term1 and 2), editing

    (term 1 and 2), directing (term 3 and 4) and writing (term 3). 2012: Passed 2nd year AFDA with a first for directing (midyear), core course

    research (midyear and final) and editing (final). 2013: 1st Semester with a first for editing and production course

    assignments. 2013: 2nd Semester I achieved a first in film editing and won the award for

    best editor of 2013.

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    Matric Results:

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    Work In Film & Television: Profession: Editor & Actor

    Software: Final Cut Pro 7, Velocity & Apple Color TITLE CATEGORY ROLE AWARDS Result

    Angel of the Skies (2013)

    Full Length Feature Film

    Actor/Extra Nazi Soldier

    Kanye Kanye (2012)

    Student Honors Film

    Script Supervisor Student Academy Award


    Get Fit TV (2012) Web Videos Editor

    Zalebs TV (2012) Web Videos Editor

    ONE Film Actor/Extra

    RIFT (2013) Student Graduation Film

    Editor Best Graduation Film AFDA 2013 Best Editor Alexander Khler AFDA 2013

    Won Won

    Jericho (2013) Student Experimental Film

    Editor Kodak Student Scholarship program


    Silence & I (2013) Student Graduation Film

    Editor Africa in Motion Film Festival 2014


    Uniball Pen Pappy is Dead (2013)

    TV Commercial Actor (Main Role) Creative Circle Ad Of The Year Awards


    Picture Tree Audition Tapes (2014)

    Audition Tapes for TV Commercial


    Chopped South Africa Season 01 (2014)

    Television Series Editor & Colour Grader

    Select A Shuttle Web Promotional Videos


    African News Network (2014)

    Television News & Shows


    Cape Town Fire (2015)

    ANN7 Documentary


    Reevasteenkamp (2015)

    ANN7 Documentary


    Online Dating Scam (2015)

    ANN7 Documentary


    Boxing South Africa (2015)

    ANN7 Documentary


    Scoan One Year On Documentary

    ANN7 Documentary


    Match-Fixing (2016)

    ANN7 Documentary

    Editor Vodacom Journalist of the Year 2016


    VM Productions Los Angeles

    Video Blogs Editor

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    Battle for the White House

    ANN7 TV Show Editor

    My 2 most recent report from AFDA 3rd Year:

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    Prnt_Khler, A

    Name Khler, Alexander Student No. 513040 Year of Study 3

    Mark Status63 Pass

    Mark Status74 Pass

    Mark Status83 Pass



    Total Progress Status (See Comments Below)

    Congratulations, you have fulfilled the requirements to graduate. Eligibility for 4th year is by invitation only. Please consult with the Head of the Postgraduate School.

    Trevor HarperRegistrar

    Production Course ProjectsMark


    AFDA The South African School of Motion Picture Mediumand Live PerformanceRegistered by the Department of Higher Education and Training for the qualificationas shown on Certificate 2001/HE07/012

    Final Report

    December 2013

    Production Course ResearchMark


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    My top AFDA films were as follows:

    The Adventures of Freddy and Kendra a comedy about what goes wrong at a young mans matric dance when his car breaks down-73% for final review. (2011)

    Unidentified an alien found footage movie-74% in final review, which was the third highest mark out of all the 30 live-action films. (2012)

    Open Eye the story of a victim of sex trafficking and her desire to escape capture -70% in final review.

    Assistant in graduation films: The 3rd assistant director for the film Msulwa (2011) directed by Shaun

    James, which was entered into the Beijing Film Festival. The assistant editor for the 3rd year experimental film called, The Epic

    Adventures of Arthur. I was invited to edit the behind the scenes for that film as well.

    Assisted as the script supervisor on an AFDA 4th year honors film directed by Miklas Manneke called Kanye Kanye, (2012) which was nominated for a Student Oscar Award and won a total of 13 AFDA film gold awards.

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    Kanye Kanye Oscar Nomination:

    I was the editor for the 3rd year experimental film Jericho.

    The film Jericho received the Kodak Student Scholarship Program,,

    As a 3rd year editing student I was nominated class representative at the beginning of the year.

    I edited two AFDA graduation films known as Rift and Silence & I. Both these films were selected to be screened at the AFDA Film Festival in Cape Town.

    Rift succeeded the award for Best Third Year Graduation Film 2013 and won a Loeries Award in 2014.

    Silence & I got sent to the 35th Durban International Film Festival in the year 2014.

    Silence & I was also selected to be screened at the Africa in Motion Film Festival in The United Kingdom

    Work in film and television:

    2015: Edited video blogs for VM Productions Los Angeles

    2014: Edited promotional videos for a company known as Select a Shuttle

    2014: Succeeded a job as a video editor for ANN7 African News Network channel 405 on DSTV

    2014: Promoted to Colour Grader and editor for Chopped South Africa

    2014: Built my own website with the

    Apple software iWeb.

    2014: Assistant editor for SNELCO on Chopped South Africa for the Food Network.

    2014: Edited four audition tapes for Picture Tree. 2014: Edited videos on the Kotze twins for Get Fit TV

    2013: Edited presentations videos for Seed Engine

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    2013: played a white slave on an Australian film entitled One. 2013: an assistant director on a music video by Charles Ryder called The

    Johnny Divines. 2013: an assistant editor on a music video for Dualism Media known as Die

    Lig, which was produced by Steven Ward. 2013: played the lead in a commercial advert for Unibal Pen by Frieze Films

    for television in the United States. 2013: Part time editor and production manager for an independent film

    company known as Rusty Shadow Development, owned by Damien Hes and Steven Ward.

    2013:Part time editor for Get Fit TV and edited a video f