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Contact Seminar Raising the Quality of Teaching in the European Classroom

22-25 October 2015, Schwerin, Germania

Application Form1. Participant

Name:Truta Anca- MariaTelephone:0740127879


Address:December 1 street, no.12, Toplita,


Gender:Female X Male (

2. Institution

Name:St. Elias Middle SchoolTelephone:0266341700

Address:Stefan cel Mare street, no.21, Toplita, HarghitaFax:0266341700

Legal representative: (Mr./Mrs.)Mrs. Csatlos Blaga MariaType of Institution:education

Thematic proposal interest

Considering the proposed objectives / domains of the contact seminar, please, specify your main interest areas:Improving basic skills and exploring innovative teaching methods and individualized learning ;

I am motivated to develop strategic partnerships under Erasmus + in school education ;

Previous Experience in European Projects

Please describe briefly your previous experience in European projects (types of projects, target group, objectives and activities, partner countries):1. Eco- Schools Project

Eco- Schools is a program for environmental management and certification of schools which it implements internationally coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education( FEE). Objectives:


1.Implementation of at least one of the proposed topics of international coordination

2. Involvement continues to achieve environmental performance

3. To support the program, CCDG has partnered with the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, National Environmental Protection Agency, National Environmental Guard, Bucharest Prefecture. with children for a successful school debut- ID 63126

Objectives: to increase the adaptability of school, preventing school failure in the preparatory preschool children in large group.

Target group: preparatory preschool children


1. Design of pedagogical tools for verification of the ability of education

2. Identify ways to involve children in families educational activities to better support their school adjustment

3. Advisory support to preschoolers transitions period class( addressed preschoolers and their parents) describe briefly the activities of your organisation and how they tackle the challenge of raising the quality of teaching in European classroom :

I wish to stimulate and support students by building an educational offer that takes into account students with their individual characteristics( social environment of origin, ethno- cultural context, individual pace of development and learning).T o promote an educational act that respects the individuality of each student is required to internentions fundamental teaching me on the following principles and activities:

1.The right to be different or the right to diversity

2.Individual potential should be exploited to the fullest

3.Ensuring equal opportunities to education

Today `s children will lead and organize the state tomorrow, our future will be what they will know how to do!Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

He lives with us the life you` ve imagined!

Does your organisation support you to participate in this seminar. (If yes please explain) School provide quality education for individual development in order to integrate social plane, to become active and responsible citizens, fully aware of their own worth. The appropriateness and compatibility mission school in a society based on individual freedom, economic market, competing values and the rule of law means not only offer tuition recoupling qualification needs required by the economy, administration, social life and culture of our society, acts of professional mobility, but also, especially, character profiling able to prosper this company. Please indicate the level of English you are able to work for each category (please use the Common European Framework: A1 beginner, A2 elementary, B1 intermediate, B2 upper intermediate, C1 advanced, C2 proficiency) Reading C1Listening C2Speaking B1Writing B2Please take note of the following conditions that will apply if you are selected to take part in the seminar. 1. I commit myself to participate in the whole process, including: to prepare myself carefully for the seminar; to do all remote preparation work the team will ask for; to take part in the full duration of the seminar; to participate in the whole evaluation process. X2. I am aware that obtaining a health and a full travel insurance are my own responsibility and at my own expenses. I understand that the information I provided on my special needs does not remove my own personal responsibility for ensuring my own health. X3.I am aware that 5% of the total real costs (travel costs) will represent my own co-financing and that this sum will be reduced at the balance payment from the approved real costs. X4. I authorise my National Agency and the European Commission to publish, in whatever form and by whatever medium, including the Internet, my correspondence address, information about my organisation and work and pictures taken at the seminar. XInstitution (Full legal name): SF. ILIE Middle SchoolSignature:

Date: 14.08.2015Stamp (if applicable):Name of signatory: Mrs. Csatlos Blaga MariaPosition within the organisation: director Name of the participant: Truta Anca- MariaSignature: _1498403845.unknown


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