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Text of INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

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    1984. 12 PW Blue Col. Master Works 69030-D [CBX1333/CBX1334]. LEGGENDA DELLA DOLOMITI (Antonio Cortani). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    AMAR TRIO: Walter Caspar [vln.], Paul Hindemith [viola], Rudolf Hindemith [cello]

    1130. 12 PW Blk. EE Polydor 66574 [78bo/79bo]. TRIO FR VIOLINE, BRATSCHE UND

    VIOLONCELLO: Langsam (Paul Hindemith). Two sides. Few lightest mks. Excellent copy, cons. 2. $20.00.

    CLAUDIO ARRAU [pianist]

    4897. 10 Purple elec. Argentine Odeon 132.065 [Be7626/Be7627]. TARANTELLA /TUDE IN F MAJOR (both Chopin). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $15.00.

    5279. 12 Red Orth. Vla 9340 [CWR1374-I/CL3915-II]. CHAMBER FANTASY ON CARMEN (Busoni-Bizet). Two sides. Very rare. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    YVONNE ASTRUC [violinist]

    4929. 10 Blue PW Eng. Columbia LF 15 [WL2056-1/WL2076-1]. NOCTURNE / INTRO-

    DUCTION ET CORTGE (both Lili Boulanger). With NADIA BOULANGER [pianist]. IMs. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    KURT ATTERBERG [composer/conductor] dir. KAMMARORKESTER

    4696. 10 PW Plum HMV X.4946, X.4947 [OSB603-II/OSB604-II,


    34 (Kurt Atterberg). Four sides. Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    HAROLD BAUER [pianist]

    4673. 10 Red acous. Vla 1058. MOTLEY AND FLOUR-

    ISH (18th Cent., arr. Bauer) / BARBERINIS

    MINUET (arr. Bauer). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    1276. 12 PW Red (elec.) Victor 6546. ALCESTE: Ca-price (Gluck-arr. Saint-

    Sans) / FANTAISIE-IMPROMPTU, Op. 66 (Chopin). Excellent

    pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    ARNOLD BAX [pianist]. See: MAY HARRISON [violinist]


    1742. 12 Blue acous. Eng. Columbia L1132 [6904/6920]. MENUETTO IN D (Mozart) /

    SYMPHONIC DANCE No. 2 (Grieg). Excellent 20s laminated pressing. Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $10.00.

    JEANNE BEHREND (Philadelphia, 1911-1988) and ALEXANDER KELBERINE (Kiev, 1903-Vienna, 1940) [pianists). Behrend was a graduate of Curtis in 1934, where she studied piano with Josef Hofmann and composition with Rosario Scalero. She subsequently taught (at Juilliard, among other institutions) and concertized, her performance emphasis having been in American music. Kelberine studied at the Kiev Conservatory and then in Vienna, his teachers including Busoni, Alexander Siloti and Leo Sirota. He and Behrend wed in Philadelphia, recorded together, and subsequently separated. Suffering from acute depression, Kelberine committed suicide after his final recital, which consisted of pieces in minor keys and of funeral connotations.

    4764. 10 Red PW Victor 1999. SONG OF THE VOLGA BOATMAN (Koenemann) / DEEP

    RIVER (both arr. Kelberine). Label side one signed in blk. ink (poor contrast) by Kelberine. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    Sir THOMAS BEECHAM then out of the scene (literally and

    figuratively) when this family picture of (l. to r.) his younger son

    THOMAS, first wife UTICA and elder son ADRIAN was taken.

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    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs


    4674. 10 PW Red Electrola DA 4404 [OD856-I/ OD857-II]. IL MATRIMONIO SEGRETO:

    Overture (Cimarosa). Two sides. Few lighest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.

    ARTHUR BLISS [composer/conductor] dir. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

    1136. 12 Lt. Blue acous. Eng. Columbia L1475/ L1476 [76876/76872, 76873/76874].

    CONVERSATIONS: The Committee Meet-ing; In the Wood; In the Ballroom; Solilo-quy; In the Tube at Oxford Circus. Three

    sides. / MADAM NOY (both Arthur Bliss). Last selection with ANNA THURSFIELD [c]. Very rare set, particularly in top con-

    dition. Just about 1-2. $50.00.

    RUTLAND BOUGHTON [composer/conduc-tor] dir. LONDON SYMPHONY ORCH. Boughton (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 1878-London, 1960) was a noted British composer in various idioms. His opera (or music drama, as he preferred) The Immortal Hour (1912-13) was perhaps his most acclaimed composition, declared by Sir Edward Elgar to be a work of genius. Some years later, Ralph Vaughan Williams commented, in another country, such a work as The Immortal Hour would have been in the repertoire years ago.

    1746. 12 Dk. Blue acous. Eng. Columbia 935 [AX25/AX26]. THE IMMORTAL HOUR:

    Faery Chorus / THE IMMORTAL HOUR: The Love Duet (Rutland Boughton). Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    NADIA BOULANGER [pianist/conductor]. See: YVONNE ASTRUC [violinist], JEAN FRANAIX [pianist]


    1304. 12 Blk. Orth. Victor 36035. OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY / COLONIAL SONG (both Percy Grainger, arr. Schmid). Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    RAFFAELE BRACALE dir. LA SCALA ORCH. Note that the label just indicates Orchestra. The conductor and orchestra come from research by Michael E. Henstock in his invaluable book Fonotipia Recordings-A Centennial Survey.

    1001. 11 Fonotipia 69151/69152 [XPh5075/XPh5077]. PARISINA: Offerta alla Madonna/ PARISINA: Delirio di Parisina (Mascagni). IMs. Just about 1-2. $40.00.

    FERRUCCIO BUSONI [pianist/composer]

    1277. 12 Blue acous. Eng. Columbia L1432 [75059/76703]. TUDE IN G FLAT, Op. 10, No. 5 /NOCTURNE IN F SHARP (Chopin). Gleaming copy, just about 1-2. $75.00.

    ROBERT CASADESUS [pianist]. His name is misspelled Cassadesus on both labels.

    1398. 12 PW Blue Col. Master Works 68853-D [CLX1889-1/CLX1890-2]. LE RETOUR

    DES MULETIERS: No. 5, Cerdana (Deodat De Svrac) / PRLUDE IN D MINOR, No. 5 / FIFTH IMPROMPTU IN F# MINOR (Gabriel Faur). Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    PABLO CASALS [cellist]

    5069. 10 Gold Flags acous. Columbia 33031-D [80158-5/80815-2]. SALUT DAMOUR (Elgar) / ROMANCE, Op. 44, No. 1 (Rubinstein). Piano acc. Romano Romani/Walter Golde. IMs. Superficial rubs, 2-3. $8.00.

    4555. 10 White lbl. Orth. vinyl Vla. mat. BVE-31968-2. ROMANCE IN E MINOR. (MacDowell). Piano acc. Nicolai Mednikoff. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    1326. 12 Gold Flags acous. Columbia 68025-D [48710-1/98012-5]. SONATA IN A MAJOR: Allegro (Boccherini) / GAVOTTE IN D (Popper). Piano acc. Charles A.

    Baker/Romano Romani. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    LEO BLECH in 1906

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    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    5280. 12 Purple acous. Eng. Col. 7369 [98068/98069]. KOL NIDREI (Broch, Op. 47). Two sides. Piano acc. Edouard Gendron. Few lt. mks., cons. 2. $25.00

    1418. 12 White lbl. Orth. vinyl Vla. mat. CVE-40384/CVE-40385. KOL NIDRE (Bruch). Two sides. Piano acc. Nicolai Mednikoff. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    MARIO CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO [pianist/composer]


    USIGLIANO DI SARI, 1920] (Castelnuovo-Tedesco). Two sides. Beautiful copy, as the grading indicates. Just about 1-2. $15.00.


    1389. 12 Blk. PW French Col. D11016 [WLX179/WLX336]. SCNES ALSACIENNES: No. 3, Sous les tilluels (Massenet) /

    TROIS PETITES PICES MONTES: LEnfance de Pantagruel, Marche de Cocagne, Jeunese de Gargantua (Erik

    Satie). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    GUSTAVE CHARPENTIER [conduc-tor/composer] dir. ORCH. SYMPHO-NIQUE [#1135] / ORCH. PASDELOUP AND CHORUS [#1671]

    1135. 12 Blue PW Eng. Columbia D15071, D15072, D15073 [WLX405/WLX408,

    WLX368/WLX367, WLX366/ WLX365]. IMPRESSIONS DITALIE (Charpentier). Six sides. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    1671. 12 PW Red Disque Gram. DB 4966 -

    DB 4969 [2LA235-I/2LA236-I, 2LA233-1/ 2LA234-1, 2LA237-1/ 2LA238-1, 2LA239-1/2LA240-1]. LA

    VIE DUN POTE (Charpentier). Eight sides. Excerpts from a symphony-drama (1888-89) later reworked by the composer into his 1913 opera Julien (a sequel to his Louise). The anony-mous soloists in this recording are not given label credit but appear to me to be GERMAINE FRALDY [s] and JEAN PLANEL [t], who had recording contracts

    elsewhere. The labels of the first three discs are signed by Charpentier. Sides

    range from cons. 2 to gen. 2-3 (lt. rubbing). The only audible sound would be a small scr. side 8 (few ticks). $100.00.

    ABRAM CHASINS [pianist]

    4433. 10 Red Orth. Vla 1573 [OB1799-1A/OB1800-IIIA]. FAIRY TALE / PRLUDES No. 5, No. 14 and No. 13 (all Chasins). 2. $12.00.

    VAN CLIBURN [pianist]

    2169. 10 Red CCCP 618-57 [30572/30573]. SAD MEMORY / MOSCOW NIGHTS

    (Russian Songs). Who knew that Cliburn appeared on 78s?! Lt. rubs, 2. $35.00.


    1127. 12 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia G-50241-D [XXP6809-2/XXP6810-2]. MESSIDOR: Entracte Symphonique (Alfred Bruneau). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    GEORGE COPELAND [pianist]. See also: LUCREZIA BORI [s] in Vocal Section.

    4866. 10 Red PW Victor 1629. GNOSSIENNE (Erik Satie) / ADIEU [from Lautomme] (Darius Milhaud). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    AARON COPLAND [composer/pianist]. See: ETHEL LUENING [s] in Vocal Section and 78 rpm Album Sets.

    ALFRED CORTOT [pianist]

    5249. 10 White (plain lbl.) acous. vinyl Victor mat. B-31689. DOLLY (Gabriel Faur).

    Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

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    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    4640. 10 Red late VdP DA 1121 [BF3331-II/BF3332-II]. MALAGUEA / SEGUIDILLA (both Albniz). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    4672. 10 Red Scroll Z type shellac Victor 1581 [BF3331-II/BF3332-II]. Same as previous listing. Excellent surface material. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    XAVIER CUGAT [violinist]. Girona, Spain, 1900-1990. Cugats family emigrated to Cuba when Xavier was five. He studied originally as a classical violinist and played with Cubas Teatro Nacional Orchestra. His early years included recitals and touring as an assisting artist, notably with Enrico Caruso. In the early 1920s he made a transition from classical violinist to popular show business emtertainer and organized Spanish oriented bands with a tango emphasis. His popularity as a band leader was such that he appeared in a number of MGM musicals in the 1940s and made dozens of recordings with his bands from the 1930s well into the LP era. His six wives included entertainers Abby Lane and Charo. Cugats classical violin recordings (missing from Creightons Discopaedia), apparently from about 1920, are virtually unknown.

    4760. 10 Blue acous. Odeon A139.529 [So2756/So2757]. DANZA ESPAOLA, No. 8

    (Sarasate) / HUMORESQUE (Dvrak). Piano acc. 2-3. $75.00.

    FANNY DAVIES [pianist]. Guernsey, England, 1861-1934. She was first heard on stage at the age of six. Later she studied at the Leipzig Conservatory under Carl Reineke and in Frankfurt under Clara Schumann. A very successful concert pianist, Davies appeared throughout Europe as a recitalist and was also heard in chamber music and an accompanist, for example giving the British premiere of Brahms Violin Sonata in D minor, Op.108 with Joseph Joachim. Her only recordings (other than piano rolls) date from the late 1920s and feature music of Robert Schumann. See also 78 rpm Album Sets.

    1298. 12 PW Blue Eng. Columbia L2321, L2322 [WAX4182/WAX4183, WAX4184/ WAX4185. KINDERSCENEN [SCENES

    FROM CHILDHOOD] (Robert Schumann). Four sides. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    CLAUDE DEBUSSY [pianist/composer]. See: MARY GARDEN [s] in vocal section.

    PIERRE DE BRVILLE [pianist/composer]. See: CLAIRE CROIZA [ms] in vocal section.

    VLADIMIR DUBINSKY [cellist]. Russia, 1873- Syracuse, NY, 1938. Dubinsky was both a noted soloist and orchestral player, his training having been at the Moscow Conservatory. In the U.S., he served as principal cellist at various times with the Philadelphia, Minneapolis Symphony and Rochester Philharmonic orchestras.

    4725. 10 Blue vertical Okeh 1037 [194C/147B]. AIR DE J. S. BACH (Bach) / LARGHET-

    TO (Hndel). Piano acc. IMs. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    SAMUEL DUSHKIN [violinist]

    1125. 12 PW Blue Columbia 68334-D [CLX1705-1/CLX1706-1]. LE ROSSIGNOL: Marche

    Chinoise / LE ROSSIGNOL: Air du Rossignol (both Stravinsky, arr. Dushkin). With IGOR STRAVINSKY [pianist]. Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    WERNER ECK [composer/conductor]

    1426. 12 Red French Disque Gram. W-717, W-1718. JOAN DE ZARISSA [Ballet] (Eck).

    Four sides. Couple small patinas, otherwise just about 1-2. $20.00.

    PAUL EISLER [pianist]. Vienna, 1875-New York City, 1951. He arrived in the U.S. from Austria in 1902, where he had studied with Anton Bruckner. He was hired by impresario Maurice Grau as a pianist and assistant conductor for the Metropolitan Opera, remaining there until 1929. During his Met years he also was an accompanist for, among others, violinist Eugen Ysay and singers Enrico Caruso, Geraldine Farrar, Johanna Gadski and Frieda Hempel. He also appeared as a concert pianist.

    4566. 10 vertical Okeh 1103 [233B/234C]. MOMENTS MUSICAUX (Schubert); BADI-

    NAGE (Liadov) / ROMANCE, Op. 45, No. 1 (Alfred Grunfeld). Couple small scuffs, still just about 1-2. Rare. $35.00.


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    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    Sir EDWARD ELGAR [composer/conductor] dir. LONDON SYMPHONY ORCH. See also: LEILA MEGANE [c] in Vocal Section.

    5146. 12 Blk. acous. SR HMV D.838 [Cc3728-I/ Cc3729-I]. OVERTURE IN D MINOR (Hndel, arr. Elgar) /

    FANTASIA IN C MINOR (Bach, arr. Elgar). IMs, few lightest mks. Cons. 2. $15.00.

    1126. 12 Blk. PW elec. HMV

    D.1899, D.1900 [Cc19741-II/Cc19727-III, Cc19728-II/

    Cc19740-II]. CROWN OF INDIA: Suite, Op.

    66 . Three sides / POMP AND CIRCUM-STANCE No. 5 (all El-

    gar). Some supericial scuffs sides one and two, 2-3. Second disc just about 1-2. $15.00.


    1308. 12 Blk. Orth. Victor 36049. CREOLE RHAPSODY (Ellington). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    MISCHA ELMAN [violinist]

    1284. 12 Red 08 Pats. Victor 71039 [2356f]. GAVOTTE (Grossec); GERMAN DANCE (Dittersdorf). One TB. Cons. 2. $15.00.

    1815. 12 Red 08 Pats. Victor 74051 [C-8814-1]. SOUVENIR DE MOSCOW (Wieniawski). Piano acc. Percy Kahn. Second of

    two issued versions. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    1812. 12 Red 08 Pats. Victor 74053 [C-8812-1]. MLODIE, Op. 42, No. 3 (Tschaikowsky). Piano acc.

    Percy Kahn. Second of three ver-sions issued under this catalogue number. This 1910 take never

    doubled or issued elsewhere. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    GEORGES ENESCO [violinist]

    1404. 12 Blk. Viva-Tonal Col. 50161-D

    [W98627-5/W98628-10]. FOLIES DESPAGNE [SONATA No. 12, D

    minor] (Corelli). Two sides. With SANFORD SCHLUSSEL [pianist]. Just about 1-2. $150.00.


    1332. 12 PW Blue Columbia 68411-D

    [CAX7216-2/CAX7217-2]. MA-GIC FLUTE: Seven Variations on Ein Mdchen oder Weibchen (arr. Beethoven, Op. 67). Two sides. With THEO VAN DER PAS [pno].

    Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    JEAN FRANAIX [composer/pianist]

    1297. 12 Red PW Victor 15115, 15116 [2LA1503-1/2LA1504-1, 2LA1505-1/2LA1506-1].

    CONCERTO FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA (Jean Franaix). Four sides. With Paris Philharmonic dir. NADIA BOULANGER. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    EDWARD ELGAR directing a 1914 recording session


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    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    DALLIES FRANTZ [pianist]. Lafayette, CO, 1908-Austin, TX, 1965. His mother, Amelia Lueck Frantz (Paradise, CA, 1870-Wisconsin, 1957) was a noted concert soprano and teacher who was active in the midwest and eastern U.S. She was situated in Boston in the 1920s where she sang and taught. Dallies made his debut at the age of nine accompanying his mother in a recital. Winning a tri-state piano competition at the age of 14 (the next youngest of the 162 competitors having been 16), Dallies taught himself the organ and helped support himself as a church organist and choir director. Studies at the Huntington Preparatory School in Boston followed, where he became captain of the swimming team, breaking several New England records. A Bachelor of Music degree was secured at the University of Michigan. While there he studied with pianist Guy Maier and then for a period in Europe with Artur Schnabel and Vladimir Horowitz. His debut with the Chicago Symphony was in 1927 and with Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1934. Following this latter success, he was signed by Columbia Concerts and subsequently toured the U.S. in recital. He also appeared in three Hollywood films (Sweethearts, 1938; Balalaika, 1939 and I Take This Woman, 1940). In 1943, he was given a medical discharge from service, where he had served as an intelligence officer for a period. That same year he joined the faculty of the Univ. of Texas Music Department, with which he was affiliated until his death. Two months following a Carnegie Hall recital in 1945, Frantz collapsed and was hospitalized for nearly a year. He was plagued by poor health the rest of his life. He appears to have recorded only as an accompanist to

    his mother in a group of private recordings she made for Victor from 1924 to 1930. - Internet, mostly Jeff VoVilla.

    4389. 10 White Victor Special Record mat. BVE-62187-2. VERBORGENHEIT (Hugo Wolf).

    with AMELIA FRANZ [s]. Rec. June 30, 1930. Lt. rubs, very lt. lbl. spots, 2. $25.00.


    4887. 10 Red acous. Vla 1042. NOVELETTE, Op. 99, No. 9 (Schumann) / IN AUTUMN, Op.

    36, No. 4 (Moszkowski). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    4880. 10 White vinyl Orth. Vla mat. BVE-32701-2. GAVOTTE (Bach, arr. Saint-Sans). Rec. 13 May 1925. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    Sir EDWARD GERMAN [conductor/compo-ser] dir. SYMPHONY ORCH.

    5281. 12 Blk. acous. SR HMV D527 [Ho4182af/ Ho4183af]. HENRY VIII: Overture (Ger-

    man). Two sides. IMs. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    1278. 12 Blk. acous. HMV D579 [Ho3835at/

    Ho4279AF]. THE SEASONS: Harvest Dance/ LEEDS SUITE: Valse Gracieuse (both Edward German). Conducted by the

    composer. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    1305. 12 Blk. acous. HMV D772 [Cc2866-VI?/

    Cc2867-IV]. OTHELLO: The Willow Song (Edward German). Two sides. Conducted by the composer. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    WALTER GIESEKING [pianist]

    1124. 12 Gold Brunswick 50104 [XE22250/ XE22253]. LA PLUS QUE LENTE (Debussy/) SILVER CASCADE (Niemann). Superb 30s Col. pressing. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    1359. 12 PW Eng. Parlophone E11109 [H-52549/H-52550]. ARABESQUE, No. 2 / ARA-

    BESQUE, No. 1 (both Debussy). Homocord matrices. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    LEOPOLD GODOWSKY [pianist]

    4671. 10 Gold acous. Brunswick 15017 [4048/4706]. RUSTLE OF SPRING (Sinding) /

    WITCHES DANCE (MacDowell). Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    4564. 10 Gold elec. Brunswick 15105 [E16099/E16102]. MINSTRELS / THE GOLLI-WOGGS CAKE WALK (both Debussy). Early 30s pressing. Two small rubs side one. Cons. 2. $12.00.

    2158. 12 Gold elec. Brunswick 50131 [XE20048/XE20046]. RIGOLETTO PARAPHRASE

    (Verdi-Liszt) / RONDO CAPRICCIOSO (Mendelssohn). Two takes of side two were issued, the other being XE20045. Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $20.00.


  • - 190 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    EDWARD GOLL [pianist]. Kaaden, Bohe-mia, 1884-1949. Goll first studied with his father, then at the Prague Conservatory as one of Anton Dvoks few pupils and later with Emil Sauer. He performed throughout Europe, first as an accompanist to violinist Jan Kubelik in 1904 and tenor Ben Davies, 1911, among other artists. He wed a widow he met while touring in Australia and settled in Melbourne, accepting a position at the Melbourne Conservatory. He toured the U.S. in 1929 as a soloist and with Henri Verbrugghen and the Minneapolis Symphony. After a disagreement in 1935, he left the Melbourne Conservatory and taught privately until his death.

    5038. 10 Gold elec. Brunswick 15216. HU-MORESQUE (Juon) / ESPENLAUB

    STUDY (Sauer). Unusual repertoire. Scarce. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    PERCY GRAINGER [pianist/composer]. See also 78 rpm Album Sets.

    4782. 10 Blue Viva-Tonal Columbia 2057-M

    [W144206-5/W144246-3]. CRADLE SONG (Brahms-Grainger) / MOLLY ON THE SHORE [IRISH REEL] (Grainger).

    IMs, lt. rubs, two tiny patinas (just past rim side one), 2. $7.00.

    5282. 12 Blk. SS HMV 05558 [AI8033f] MOCK MORRIS DANCES (Grainger). 2. $40.00.

    5292. 12 Blue VT Columbia 7150-M [W98358-5/W98359-4]. TO SPRING (Grieg); ONE

    MORE DAY, MY JOHN (Sea Chantey, arr. Grainger) / WEDDING DAY AT TROLD-HAUGEN (Grieg). Lbl. side one signed by Grainger, but poor contrast. Just about 1-2. $20.00.


    1300. 12 Dk. Blue PW Odeon D6028 (AA210210) [XXSto2504/XXSto2505]. I CAVALIERI DI EKEB: Fantasia / I CAVALIERI DI EKEB: Prelude and Dance (Riccardo Zan-donai). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $15.00.


    4801. 10 Red PW Victor 2058. COMES AUTUMN TIME (Leo Sowerby). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    1420. 12 Red PW (silver print) Victor 11-8302. SUITE PRIMEVAL: Sunrise Dance / SUITE PRIMEVAL: Indian War Dance (Charles Skilton). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    MAY HARRISON [violinist]

    1347. 12 Purple PW HMV C.1749, C.1750 [Cc15823-IIA/Cc15824-II, Cc15825-IV/Cc15826-III]. SONATA No. 1 (Delius). Four sides. With ARNOLD BAX [pianist]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    TIBOR HARSANYI [composer/conductor] dir. WIND INSTRUMENTS

    4755. 10 Plum PW elec. Disque Gram. K-6114 [BG908-I/BG909-I]. FOX TROT (Tibor Harsanyi) / MARCEL MIALOVICI [composer/conductor] dir. WIND INSTRU-MENTS and CLAVIER. CHINDIA (Marcel Mialovici). IMs. Just about 1-2. $25.00.


    1335. 12 PW Blue Columbia 68389-D [CAX7523-2/CAX7524-2]. OVERTURE [TO A PICARESQUE COMEDY] (Arnold Bax). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    JASCHA HEIFETZ [violinist]

    2105. 12 Red Vla 74581. MOTO PERPETUO, Op. 11 (Paganini). Piano acc. Andr

    Benoist. Just about 1-2. $7.00.


    4802. 10 Purple Pats. Victor 60056;. SUITE ROMANTIQUE: Venetian Love Song (Nevin). Just about 1-2. $8.00.


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    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    MYRA HESS [pianist]

    1348. 12 Blue Viva-Tonal Columbia 7151-M [W98466-3/W98467-2]. POISSONS DOR/

    LE FILLE AUX CHEVEUX DE LIN; MENESTRELS (all Debussy). Just about 1-2. $10.00

    1131. 12 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 50149-D [W98656-3/W98658-2]. THE WHITE PEACOCK (Griffes) / DANSE RITUELLE DU FEU (De Falla). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    1306. 12 Plum HMV C3423 [2EA10375-III?/2EA10376-I]. FIVE BAGATELLES (Howard Ferguson). Two sides. Dedicated by the composer to Myra Hess. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    JOSEPH HOFMANN [pianist]

    4599. 10 TC Columbia A2434 [47134-1/47135-1]. BUTTERFLY [PAPILLON] (Grieg) /

    SPINNING SONG (Mendelssohn). Good pressing. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    1987. 12 Blue acous. Columbia 7004-M [49849-1/49326-2]. BUTTERFLY (Grieg);

    SPINNING SONG (Mendelssohn) / FANTAISIE IMPROMPTU, Op. 66 (Chopin). IMs. Side one just about 1-2. Few lt. patinas side two in from rim about 1 (should be mostly or all silent), cons. 2. $10.00.

    1988. 12 Blue acous. Columbia 7079-M [49306-1/49307-2]. VALSE BRILLANTE, Op. 34,

    No. 1 (Chopin) / HUNTING SONG (Mendelssohn); LA JONGLEUSE (Moszkowski).

    Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    1141. 12 White elec. PW vinyl Victor CS-88937-1. WALTZ IN A FLAT (Chopin).

    Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    GUSTAV HOLST [composer/conductor] dir. STRING ORCH./SYMP. ORCH.

    1344. 12 Blue acous. Columbia 67077-D, 67078-D [AX304-2/AX305-1, AX306-1/

    AX307-1]. BENI MORA [ORIENTAL SUITE IN E MINOR] (Gustav Holst). Four sides. Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    1303. 12 Blue acous. Eng. Columbia L1648, L1649 [A558/A559, A560/A573]. ST. PAULS SUITE FOR STRING ORCHESTRA. Three sides / SONGS WITHOUT WORDS: No. 1,

    Country Song (Gustav Holst). Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    ARTHUR HONEGGER [composer/conductor] dir. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

    4789. 10 PW Blue Viva-Tonal Columbia G-17026-D [KI-3936-2/KI-3937-1].

    LA TEMPTE: Prlude (Honegger). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $10.00


    4012. 10 Red PW Electrola DA 982 [BVE-

    43411-1/BVE-43412-1]. VARIATIONS ON THEMES FROM CARMEN (Bizet-Horowitz) / MAZURKA IN C# MINOR (Chopin). Fine pressing. Superficial rubs, 2-3. $7.00.

    4918. 10 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor 1455

    VALSE OUBLIE (Liszt) / CA-PRICCIO IN F MINOR, Op. 28, No. 6 (Dohnnyi).

    Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.

    1336. 12 Red RCA Victor 11-9693. MENDELS-


    sides. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    JACQUES IBERT [conductor/composer] dir. CHAMBER ORCHESTRA

    4544. 10 Plum Disque Gram. K-7573, K-7574 [OLA576-1/OLA577-1, OLA578-1/OLA-

    579-1]. DIVERTISSEMENT POUR ORCHESTRE DE CHAMBRE (Jacques Ibert). Four sides, conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $20.00.


  • - 192 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    VINCENT DINDY [conductor/composer] dir. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

    4438. 10 Blue Path Art Label X.8806, X.8807 [N350048/N350049, N350050/N350051].

    LE CAMP DE WALLENSTEIN (dIndy). Four sides, conducted by the composer, who concludes with spoken remarks. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    DESIRE-MILE INGHELBRECHT [conductor/composer] dir. SYMP. ORCH.

    1121. 12 PW Blue Columbia Master Works P-69339-D [350232-1/350253-1]. DERNIERS NURSERIES (Inghelbrecht). Two sides. One faint (absolutely harm-less) patina side one, otherwise as new. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    SASCHA JACOBSEN [violinist]. See also: RICCARDO STRACCIARI [b] in Vocal Section.

    4526. 10 Silver acous. Flags Columbia

    20019-D [81461/81473]. TO SPRING, Op. 43, No. 6 (Grieg) /

    CAPRICCIO-VALSE, Op. 7 (Wieniawski). Cons. 2. $12.00.

    MAURICE JAUBERT [composer/con-ductor] dir. LAMOUREUX ORCHESTRA. Nice, 1900-Axerailles, 1940. A noted French film and stage composer. His death was a result of a WW II combat wound.

    1338. 12 Blue PW Col. Master Works 69019-D [CLX1815-2/CLX1816-2].

    BALLADE (Maurice Jaubert). Two sides. Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    JOSEPH JONGEN [composer/con-ductor] dir. ORCH. du BRUSELLES CON-SERVATOIRE ROYAL. Lige, Belgium, 1873-Sart-lez-Spa, Belgium, 1953. Jongen, a precocious musical genius, was admitted to the Lige Conservatoire at the age of seven. He subsequently won various prizes, including the Belgian Prix de Rome. Noted both as an organist and a composer, he was also a leading academic, having served as the Director of the Brussels Royal Conservatoire from 1925 to 1939.

    1904. 12 Blk. PW Eng. Columbia DFX 51 [WLBX26/WLBX27]. PETITE SUITE (Joseph Jongen). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    DUCI DE KEREKJARTO [violinist]

    5283. 10 Flags Silver acous. Columbia 20020-D [80783-1/80801-7]. LE DLUGE: Pr-lude (Saint-Sans) / SONG WITHOUT WORDS, Op. 2, No. 3 (Tschaikowsky). Piano

    acc. Maurice Eisner

    5037. 10 Blk. acous. Columbia 31-M [81024-4/81055-2]. KUIAWIAK [SECOND MAZUR-KA] (Wieniewski) / SPANISH DANCE (Granados, arr. Kreisler). Piano acc. Maurice

    Eisner. Superb pressing. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    5040. 10 Blk. acous. Columbia 32-M [79457-3/79708-9]. CANTO AMOROSO (Sammar-

    tini)/ SOUVENIR (Drdla). Piano acc. Maurice Eisner/Francis Moore. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    MURIEL KERR [pianist]. Regina, Saskatchewan, 1911-Los Angeles, 1963. Kerrs teachers included Paul Wells in Toronto, Alexander Raab in Chicago and Percy Granger. From 1922 she studied with Ernest Hutcheson, making a Carnegie Hall debut playing Rachmaninoffs Second Concerto with Mengelberg and the NY Symphony and then a Town Hall recital debut the following year. She subsequently toured the U.S. in solo recitals as well as having made appearances with a number of orchestras. Highly regarded as a teacher, she taught at Juilliard (1942-49), The University of Southern California (1955-63) and was the director of the Punahou Music School in Honolulu from 1947. Her two commercially released records were issued over thirty years apart (the item below and an RCA Victor LP, LM-2891 of Schumann and Hindemith).

    4670. 10 Red Orth. Vla 4113. TUDE IN D FLAT MAJOR, Op. 8 / TUDE IN C# MINOR,

    Op. 2 (both Scriabin). Cons. 2. $8.00.


  • - 193 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    PAUL KOCHANSKI [violinist]. Warsaw, 1887-New York City, 1934. Kochanski began studies at the age of seven with Emil Mlynarski and then Csar Thompson at the Brussels Conservatory, where he graduated with highest honors. His debut was in London at the age of nineteen. His subsequent career was divided be-tween teaching and performing internationally. Making his New York debut in 1921, he was in great demand as a soloist with major orchestras and as a recitalist. He joined the faculty of Juilliard in 1924, where he taught between engagements until his death. A major champion of contemporary Polish composers, Kochanski particularly admired the music of Karol Szymanowski. According to Rubinstein, who loved him as his dearest friend, Kochanski liked straightforward people, played cards and

    sometimes spoke roughly. He could be abrupt, impatient or rude, and could even get angry and walk out, slamming doors behind him. -Final quote from Wikipedia.

    1294. 12 Brown Shellac Vocalion 70005 [ 10947/10958?]. SPANISH DAN-CES, Op. 21: No. 1, Malaguea (Sar-

    asate) /LE CARNIVAL RUSSE (Wie-nawski). Piano acc. Frank Tresselt.

    Excellent copy, few minor mks. Cons. 2. $15.00.

    RAOUL KOCZALSKI [pianist]

    5096. 10 Red PW Electrola DA 4431 [ORA1908-1/ORA1909-1]. POLONAISE IN AS-DUR,

    Op. 53 (Chopin). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    FRITZ KREISLER [violinist]

    5100. 10 Red 12 Pats. Victor 64314. SCHN ROSMARIN (Kreisler). Piano acc. George Falkenstein. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    5124. 10 Red 12 Pats. B plate Victor 64292. CHANSON LOUIS XIII AND PAVANE (Couperin-Kreisler). Piano acc. George Falkenstein. Mirror-like surface. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    5126. 10 Red Victor 64319. BERCEUSE (Townsend). Piano acc. George Falkenstein. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    4987. 10 Red Victor 64408 [take 1]. AUSTRIAN HYMN (Haydn, arr. Kreisler). Unaccom-panied. Note that a remake with piano was used for the doubled issue. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    4621. 10 Red Victor 64556. SPANISH DANCE (Granados, arr. Kreisler). Piano acc. Carl Lamson. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    4902. 10 Red acous. Vla 966. ENTRACTE (A. Walter Kramer) / CHERRY RIPE (Cyril Scott). Piano acc. Carl Lamson. Tiny lbl. scrs. Some lt. superficial rubs, 2-3. $7.00.

    4191. 10 Red acous. Vla 1062. DIE TOTE STADT: Pierrots Dance Song (Korngold, arr. Kreisler) / CHANSONETTE (George Bass). Piano acc. Carl Lamson. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    5133. 10 Red PW Victor (elec.) 1170. ALBUMBLATT (Rachmaninoff-Kreisler) / HUMOR-ESQUE (Tschaikowsky-Kreisler). Piano acc. Carl Lamson. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    4734. 10 Blue Musicians Emergency Fund Inc. Special Issue (two vinyl discs). SPEECH

    BY FRITZ KREISLER on Feb. 1, 1950, THE EVE OF HIS 75th BIRTHDAY. Four sides. Just about 1-2. $40.00.

    1162. 12 White lbl. vinyl Vla mat. C-14428-3. HUMORESQUE (Dvok). Kreisler here as a piano soloist. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    JAN KUBELIK [violinist]

    1069. 11 Col.-Fonotipia 39164/39194 [XPh273-2/XPh285-2]. FAUST: Variaz. sulla bal-lata di Mefistofele (Gounod) / REVERIE (Schumann). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $25.00.


  • - 194 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    1115. 11 U.S. Fonotipia 39164 [XPh273-2]. FAUST: Ballata di Mefistofele (Gounod). One TB, few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $15.00.

    1065. 11 Col.-Fonotipia 39193/62037 [XPh284/XPh2401]. SERENATA / VISION (both Drdla). Piano acc. side one. Side two unaccompanied. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    1114. 11 U.S. Fonotipia 62037 [XPh2401]. VISION (Drdla). Unaccompanied. Lt. rubs, 2-3. $12.00.

    1056. 11 Fonotipia 62036/62037 [XPh2400-2/XPh2401]. CAVATINA (Raff) / VISION

    (Drdla). Side one cons. 2. Side two small LSS, lt. rubs, 2. $20.00.

    1743. 12 U.S. Fonotipia 52301 [XXPh4556]. CONCERTO IN D MAJOR: Cadenza

    (Paganini). Some (harmless) lt. mks., 2. $15.00.

    JOSEF LHEVINNE [pianist]

    1122. 12 Red PW Victor 6840. BLUE DANUBE WALTZ (Strauss, arr. Schultz-Evler). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    THURLOW LIEURANCE [flautist/composer]. Oskaloosa, IA, 1880-Boulder, CO, 1963. His early years included work as a bandmaster and studies at the Cincinnati College of Music. He developed an interest in American Indian music, particularly that of Northern and Western tribes. Via an Edison Cylinder Phonograph, Lieurance recorded hundreds of examples of Indian music and incorporated much of it into his own compositions.

    4907. 10 Blk. PW Victor 21972. BY THE WATERS OF MINNE-



    with CLEMENT BARONE [modern flute]. Mr. Lieurance plays the Indian flute on both

    sides. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    OTTO LUENING [composer/ pianist/flautist]. See: ETHEL LUENING [s] in vocal section


    1301. 12 Maroon Telefunken-La Scala

    SKB 3202 [026036/026037]. PHDRA: Vorspiel (Ildebrando Pizzetti). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    5284. 12 Maroon Telefunken-La Scala SKB 3067 [026481/026496]. RITO NUZIALE (Gino

    Marinuzzi) / SCENE VENEZIANA: Fuga degli amanti (Mancinelli). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $15.00.


    1044. 11 Fonotipia 62422/62423 [XPh4141/XPh4142]. LE MASCHERE: Sinfonia (Masca-gni). Two sides. IMs. Cons. 2. $15.00.

    YEHUDI MENUHIN [violinist]

    4642. 10 Blk. PW Victor 26572 [OLA836-1/OLA924-I]. ZAPATEADO, Op. 23 (Sarasate) /

    CAPRICE VIENNOIS, Op. 2 (Kreisler). Piano acc. Marcel Gazelle. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    MARCELLE MEYER [pianist]

    4515. 10 PW Eng. Columbia LF 11 [WL1848-1/WL1849-2]. ALBORADA DEL GRACIOSO [from Miroirs] (Ravel). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    GINO MARINUZZI and family

  • - 195 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    MARCEL MIALOVICI [composer/conductor]. See: TIBOR HARSANYI

    DARIUS MILHAUD [composer/conductor (first item)/pianist (second item]. See also: JANE BATHORI [ms] and RENE MAH [s] in Vocal Section

    4470. 10 PW Blue Columbia 17038-D,

    17039-D [WL4719/WL4720, WL4721/WL4722]. LES SONGES [BALLET] (Milhaud). Four sides.

    Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    1123. 12 PW Blue French Columbia LFX 40 [WLX617-1/WLX618-1]. SAUDADES DO BRAZIL: Sorocaba;

    Sumare/Corcovado; Ipanema (Milhaud). Just about 1-2. $15.00.


    2063. 12 French Disque Gram. DB 11109 [2LA4277-II/2LA4278-I]. HABAERA

    (Louis Aubert). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    ELLY NEY [pianist]

    4669. 10 Gold acous. Brunswick 15021

    [7233/7381]. HUNGARIAN DANCE No. 2 (Brahms) / NOCTURNE IN F#

    MAJOR, Op. 15, No. 2 (Chopin). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    4718. 10 Gold acous. Brunswick 15024 [7579/7581]. SOIRES DE VIENNE / STNDCHEN (both Schubert-Liszt).

    Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    5285. 10 Gold acous. Bruns. 15036 [9304/9305]. SPINNING SONG (Mendelssohn); MO-

    MENT MUSICAL (Schubert) / COSSAISES (Beethoven-dAlbert). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    GUIOMAR NOVAES [pianist]

    4567. 10 Red Orth. Vla 1323. POLICHINELLO (Villa-Lobos) / TANGO (Albeniz, arr.

    Godowsky). Just about 1-2. $20.00.


    4685. 10 Blk. acous. SR Fr. Gram. P.365 [20989y/3608ah]. GISMONDA: Barcarolle

    (Henri Fvrier) / CONTES DHOFFMANN: Barcarolle (Offenbach). IMs. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    Dr. EUGENE ORMANDY [violinist]. See also: WILLIAM ROBYN [t] in Vocal Section. Ormandy is violinist on the first three records below and conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra on the last two.

    5095. 10 acous. Cameo 746 [1470/1471]. KISS ME AGAIN (Victor Herbert) / IN SHA-DOWLAND (Ahlert-Brooks). Piano acc. William Axt. 2. $35.00.

    4557. 10 acous. Cameo 746 [1470/1471]. KISS ME AGAIN (Victor Herbert) / IN SHA-

    DOWLAND (Ahlert-Brooks). Piano acc. William Axt. Superficial rubs, 2-3. $30.00.

    4556. 10 acous. Cameo 889 [1850/1851]. THE PRISONERS SONG [THEME AND

    VARIATIONS] (Guy Massey-arr. Ormandy?) / HOME, SWEET HOME (Paine-Bishop, arr. Ormandy?). Side one a unique virtuoso treatment of this hillbilly hit. Hair internal crk. side two (silent). Gen. 3. $40.00.

    1996. 12 Red Scroll PW Victor 8629. WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME [AN

    AMERICAN OVERTURE] (Roy Harris). Two sides. Includes notes by the composer regarding the commission of this work by RCA Victor. Label boldly signed in white

    ink by Roy Harris. Just about 1-2. $50.00.

    5286. 12 Red PW Victor 14903. TWO HEBRAIC POEMS (Harl McDonald). Two sides.

    Just about 1-2. $12.00.


  • - 196 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    UBALDO PACCHIEROTTI [composer/conductor]. 1877-1916. Pacchierotti was an Italian composer of four operas written between 1899 and 1913. Two of these achieved a degree of recognition for the composer. LAlbatro (1905), his second, was well received at its premiere at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan and was revived successfully in Florence, 1914. His most popular opera was his third, dating from 1908, Eidelberga Mia. This was based on the same story as Sigmund Rombergs later operetta, The Student Prince.

    4447. 10 Blk. 08 GP Victor 52496 [10610b]. LALBATRO: Interludio (Pachierotti). Rare. Harmless superficial lt. rubs, 3. Conducted by the composer. $30.00.


    1307. 12 Red Orth. Vla 6700. NOCTURNE A RAGUZE (Ernest Schelling). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    EGON PETRI [pianist]

    1302. 12 PW Blue Columbia Master Works 68740-D [CAX7723-1/CAX7726-1]. CARMEN FANTASIA [Bizet, arr. Busoni). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    HANS PFITZNER [composer/conductor] dir. BERLIN STATE OPERA ORCH.

    2157. 12 Blk. acous. Polydor 66121 [2012as/1946as]. PALESTRINA: Vorspiel zum I. Akt (Pfitzner). Conducted by the composer. / HANS KNAPPERTSBUSCH dir. BERLIN PHIL. VARIATIONEN BER EIN THEMA VON MEYERBEER (Cl. V.Franckenstein).

    IMs. Side one just about 1-2. Side two few lightest mks., cons. 2. $25.00.

    2155. 12 Blk. acous. Polydor 66122 [2010as/ 2011as]. PALESTRINA: Vorspiel zum II.Akt (Pfitzner). Conducted by the composer. Two sides. IMs. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    2156. 12 Blk. acous. Polydor 66132 [2042as/ 2049as]. PALESTRI-

    NA: Vorspiel zum III.Akt (Pfitzner). Conducted by the

    composer. Two sides.

    IMs. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    1269. 12 PW Blk. Polydor

    66549-66551 [215bi, 216bi/217bi, 224bi/

    225bi]. THE BIRTH-DAY OF THE INFANTA (Franz Schreker). Conducted by the com-

    poser. Just about 1-2. $ 50.00.

    1155. 12 PW Blk. Polydor 95459 [1148BI/

    1149BI]. PALESTRINA: Vorspiel zum 1.Akt (Pfitzner). Conducted by the composer. Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    2018. 12 PW Blk. Grammophon 95459 [1148BI/1149BI]. Same as preceding listing [item #1155]. Both should play equally well. Few lt. mks., cons. 2. $12.00.

    2019. 12 PW Blk. Grammophon 95460 [1152BI/1153BI]. PALESTRINA: Vorspiel zum 2. Akt (Hans Pfitzner). Conducted by the composer. Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    GABRIEL PIERN [composer/conductor] dir. COLONNE ORCH., PARIS

    1128. 12 Blue PW Col. G-68035-D, G-68036-D [XXP7060-2/XXP7061-2, XXP7062-2/ XXP7063-2]. CYDALISE ET LE CHVRE-PIED (Gabriel Piern). Four sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    ILDEBRANDO PIZZETTI [composer/pianist]. See: MARIA ROTA [s] in Vocal Section

    FRANCIS POULENC [composer/pianist]

    4572. 10 PW Blue Eng. Columbia D13053 [WL947/WL1209]. MOUVEMENTS PERPETU-ELS: Nos. 1, 2 / No. 3 (Poulenc). Few lt. rubs, 2. $10.00.

    4846. 10 PW Blue Columbia 17048-D [CL5103-1/CL5104-1]. IMPROVISATIONS FOR THE PIANO: No. 5 in A minor; No. 10 in F Major / No. 9 in D Major; No. 2 in A Flat Major (Poulenc). Just about 1-2. $12.00.


  • - 197 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    LEFF POUISHNOFF [pianist]

    1345. 12 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 5078-M [WRAX2730-2/WRAX2731]. POLICHINELLE/

    PRLUDE IN B FLAT (both Rachmaninoff). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    MAUD POWELL [violinist]

    1445. 12 Red 08 Pats. Victor 74179. CON-

    CERTO No. 2: Romance (Wieniawski, Op. 22). Piano acc. George Falken-stein. Recorded 1910. Only form of

    issue. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    MANUEL QUIROGA [violinist]

    4620. 10 Red Orth. Vla 1341. RONDALLA

    [JOTA] / 2a. GUAJIRA (both Quiroga). Rare. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    HENRI RABAUD [composer/conductor] dir. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

    1325. 12 Blue Viva-Tonal Columbia 67695-D, 67696-D [WLX125-2?/WLX-126-3, WLX127-3/WLX128-2]. MAROUF:

    Ballet Music (Rabaud). Four sides. Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    1328. 12 Blue PW Eng. Columbia D15078, D15079 [WLX188/WLX199, WLX200/

    WLX364]. LA PROCESSION NOC-TURNE (Henri Rabaud). Four sides.

    Conducted the composer. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    SERGEI RACHMANINOFF [pianist]. See also 78 rpm Album Sets

    5246. 10 White (plain lbl.) Victor acous. vinyl mat. B-31397-3. CONCERTO No. 2: First

    Mvt., Part 3 [finale] (Rachmaninoff). With Stokowski dir. Philadelphia Orch. Unpublished. $35.00.

    5247. 10 White (plain lbl.) Victor elec. vinyl mat. BVE-51805-2. THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE (Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. Rachmaninoff). Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    5248. 10 White (plain lbl.) Victor elec. vinyl mat. BVE-51805-3. THE FLIGHT OF THE

    BUMBLEBEE (Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. Rachmaninoff). Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    4301. 10 Red PW Victor 1184. DANCE OF THE GNOMES (Liszt) / TUDE TABLEAU, Op.

    39, No. 6 (Rachmaninoff). Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    4762. 10 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor 1762. SCHERZO (Borodin) / SERENADE

    (Rachmaninoff). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    4917. 10 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor 1762. Same as previous listing (item #4762).

    Lbl. stkr. side one, otherwise just about 1-2. $7.00.

    2038. 12 Red EE Vla 6504. POLONAISE IN E MAJOR (Liszt). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    1286. 12 Red Orth. Z shellac Vla 6621. SARABANDE (Bach) / IMPROMPTU IN A FLAT,

    Op. 90, No. 4 (Schubert). Very slight lbl. damage side two. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    5245. 12 White (plain lbl.) Victor vinyl mat. CS 87284-5. VIOLIN SONATA IN A MAJOR:

    Preludio (Bach-arr. Rachmaninoff). Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    ANGEL REYES (CAMAJO) [conductor] dir. 13th SOUND ENSEMBLE OF HAVANA. Reyes (1899c. 1941) was particularly interested in sonic experimentation. The name of the ensemble comes from composer Julian Carrillos system of dividing the octave beyond the normal twelve half-steps into quarter, eighth and sixteenth tones. The selection below is scored for wordless soprano (Luis M. de Berumen) and instruments (including the relatively exotic harp-zither and octavina). The recording was made in 1930. Internet sources.

    1442. 12 Blue PW Columbia Master Works 5115-M [W98677-2/W98678-1]. PRELUDIO A

    CRISTOBAL COLN (Julian Carillo). Two sides. Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $10.00.


  • - 198 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs


    1337. 12 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 50171-D [WAX4178-2/WAX4179-2]. PAX VOBISCUM

    (John St. Anthony Johnson). Two sides. This composition was a winner in the 1928 Columbia Schubert Centennary Competition. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    MARGUERITE ROESGEN-CHAMPION [harpsichordist/composer]. Geneva, 1894-Paris, 1976. She studied composition with Bloch and Jaques-Dalcroze at the Geneva Conservatory but devoted herself mainly to keyboard playing (primarily harpsichord and clavecin), giving numerous recitals in Europe.

    1383. 12 PW Plum Disque Gram. L-966 [2PG608-1/2PG609-2]. CONCERTO IN FA POUR

    CLAVECIN ET ORCHESTRA (Haydn). Two sides (complete). Orch. dir. Piero Coppola. Excellent copy. Few lightest rubs. Cons. 2. $8.00.

    ARNOLD ROS [violinist]

    5120. 10 Blk. Wien G&T 47925 [910x-B:-2z].

    SPANISCHER TANZ (Sarasate). Inherent pressing indentations should be harmless.

    Otherwise 3. $200.00.

    MORITZ ROSENTHAL [pianist]

    1427. 12 HMV vinyl EJ 329 [CVE-45018-2/CVE-45019-2]. AN DER SCHNEN BLAUEN

    DONAU (J. Strauss, arr. Rosenthal). Two SS discs. Recorded by Victor in 1928 but issued only in Germany and Czechoslovakia. Rare. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    ALBERT ROUSSEL [composer/pianist]. See: CLAIRE CROIZA [ms] in vocal section.

    PABLO DE SARASATE [violinist]

    5287. 10 Blk. vinyl Gram. 37931 [4258o]. PRE-LUDIO (Bach). Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    4413. 10 Red acous. Historic No. 2 HMV E.329 [4263o/4264o]. ZIGEUNERWEISEN, Op.

    20 (Sarasate). Two sides. Recorded 1905. Just about 1-2. $40.00.

    FRANZ SCHREKER [composer/conductor] dir. BERLIN PHILHARMONIC ORCH.

    2150. 12 Blk. acous. Polydor 65912 [1319as/ 281az]. DER SCHATZGRBER: Nacht-

    gesang (Schreker) / Dr. HANS PFITZNER dir. BERLIN. PHIL. FREISCHTZ: Overture, Part III (v. Weber). IMs, one minor rub, otherwise just about 1-2. $25.00.

    2151. 12 Blk. acous Polydor 65924 [1313as/1314as]. DER SCHATZGRBER: Zwischen-spiel (Schrecker). Two sides. IMs. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    CYRIL SCOTT [pianist/composer]

    4560. 10 Blk. PW Eng. Columbia DA 41 [WA10069/WA10070]. THREE PASTORALS: No. 3, PENSOSO / CAPRICE CHINOIS (both Cyril Scott). IMs. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    ARTUR SCHNABEL [pianist]. See: THERESE BEHR SCHNABEL [ms] in Vocal Section

    ALBERT SPALDING [violinist]

    5085. 10 Red Scroll Victor 1667. HARK! HARK! THE LARK (Schubert-Spalding) / WALTZ

    IN A MAJOR (Brahms, arr. David Hochstein). Piano acc. Andr Benoist. Not Z-type shellac, but still better than usual. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    4215. 10 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor 1788. ROMANCE IN G, Op. 40 (Beethoven, arr. Carl Flesch). Two sides. Piano acc. Andr Benoist. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    1299. 12 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor 8997. POEM (Roy Harris). Two sides. Piano

    acc. Andr Benoist. Very scarce. Just about 1-2. $35.00.

    PABLO DE SARASATE around 1860

  • - 199 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    Sir CHARLES VILLIERS STANFORD [conductor/composer] dir. SYMP. ORCH.

    1279. 12 Blk. acous. HMV D193 [Ho2298af /Ho2299af]. THE CRITIC [MASQUE]

    (Stanford). Two sides. Conducted by the composer. These acoustic HMV and Columbia British contempo-

    rary music acoustical records cer-tainly should be reissued on CD as a group. One very tiny scr. side one. Very minor lbl. stain side two. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    REGINALD STEWART [pianist]

    1283. 12 Red PW Victor 12606. STACCATO TUDE, Op. 23, No. 2 (Rubinstein) / PICES PITTORESQUES: No. 10,

    Scherzo-Valse (Chabrier). Just about 1-2. $10.00.


    1384. 12 Red Scroll Z Shellac Victor 7123. RUSSLAN AND LUDMILLA: Overture

    (Glinka) / TRUME (Wagner, arr. The-odore Thomas). Just about 1-2. $8.00.


    1134. 12 PW Blue Columbia 67953-D, 67954-D [WLX1305-2/WLX1306-1, WLX1307-1/ WLX1308-1]. LE FESTIN DE LARAIGNE (Albert Roussel). Four sides. Few lightest rubs side two, cons. 2. Other three sides just about 1-2. $15.00.

    1677. 12 PW Blue shellac Columbia 68077-D [WLX1519-2/WLX1520-1]. ALBORADO DEL GRACIOSO (Ravel). Two sides. One tiny rub, otherwise just about 1-2. $10.00.


    4847. 10 Red acous. Vla 1112. FIREWORKS, Op. 4 (Stravinsky) / DANCE OF THE AMA-ZON, Op. 65 (A. Liadov). Scarce late acoustic issue. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    1280. 12 Red Victor Scroll Z material Vr 14141, 14142. BALI [SYMPHONIC VARIA-TIONS] (Henry Eicheim). Three sides / ETERAKU [8th Century Ceremonial Prelude] (orch. by Hidemaro Konoye). Rare. Short catalogue life. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    RICHARD STRAUSS [pianist/composer]. See: HEINRICH SCHLUSNUS [b] in Vocal Section.

    IGOR STRAVINSKY [pianist/conductor/composer]. See also: SAMUEL DUSHKIN [vln]. Also 78 rpm Album Sets.

    1333. 12 PW Blue Viva-Tonal (Blue Shellac) Columbia 67694-D [WLX626-2/WLX627-1]. PULCINELLA: Duetto; Minuetto / PULCINELLA: Finale (Stravinsky). Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    1334. 12 PW Blue (Blue Shellac) Columbia 68187-D [WLX1605-1/WLX1606-1]. PULCI-NELLA: Toccata and Gavotte / PULCINELLA: Variations 1 and 2 (Stravinsky).

    Conducted by the composer. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    1330. 12 PW Blue Columbia 68300-D [CLX1803-2/CLX1810-1]. PIANO RAG-MUSIC / RAG-TIME FOR ELEVEN INSTRUMENTS (both Igor Stravinsky). Side two with: ALADAR RACZ [cymbalum); ROLAND CHARMY, Mr. VIOLANT [violins]; Mr. AGINOT [viola]; Mr. JUSTE [double-bass]; LUCIEN LAVAILLOTTE [flute]; MILE GODEAU [clarinet]; EUGNE FOVEAU [trumpet]; JEAN DEVMY [Fr. Horn]; ROGER TUDESQ

    [trombone]; Mr. MOVEL [percussion]. Dir. by Stravinsky. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    MAGDA TAGLIAFERO [pianist]

    4735. 10 Blk. PW Disque Gram. P-855 [BF3107-I/BF3108-II]. LA RUE, LE GUITARRISTE ET LE VIEUX CHEVAL / JEUNE FILLE AU JARDIN (all F. Mompou). Just about 1-2. $20.00.


  • - 200 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs

    LIONEL TERTIS [violist]

    1531. 12 Blue acous. Columbia 67071-D, 67072-D [AX755/AX756, AX757/AX758]. CHACONNE FOR VIOLA ONLY (Bach). Four sides. Index mks. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    EDMOND THIELE [violinist]. See: MARIE MORRISEY [c] in Vocal Section


    1281. 12 late Red RCA Victor 11-8287. ADA-

    GIO FOR STRINGS (Samuel Barber). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    1295. 12 Wartime Red RCA Victor 11-8287. Same as preceding listing. Label signed by the composer (Sam Barber) to

    musicologist Gustav Reese. Contrast (blk. ink on dark red) not the greatest.

    Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    5289. 12 Vinyl V-Disc 607. OVERTURE TO A

    FAIRY TALE (Tedesco) / FANTASIA FOR DOUBLE STRING ORCHESTRA, Part II (Vaughan Williams). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $10.00.

    ROSALYN TURECK [pianist]

    1708. 12 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor

    11924. ENGLISH SUITE IN G MINOR: Gavotte and Musette; Gigue / WELL TEMPERED CLAVICHORD: Five voice

    fugue, C# minor (all J. S. Bach). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    FRANZ VON VECSEY [violinist]

    1116. 11 U.S. Fonotipia 62500 [XPh4535]. FOGLIO DALBUM (Vecsey). Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    1117. 11 U.S. Fonotipia 62501 [XPh4629]. CAPRICCIO ALL ANTICA (Sinigaglia). Just about 1-2. $25.00

    LOUIS VIERNE [organist] playing Organ of NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL, PARIS

    Poitiers, France, 1870-Paris, 1937. Despite having been totally blind for many years, Vierne achieved a position among the worlds greatest organists. He studied at the Paris Conservatory, 1888-1890 with Csar Franck, then four years with Widor, graduating in 1894 with first prize in organ. After assisting Widor at St. Sulpice for a number of years, he was appointed to Notre Dame and the organ professorship at the Schola Cantorum. He made many concert tours throughout the world. His death from a heart attack occurred during a recital at Notre Dame.

    1213. 12 PW Blue Shellac Columbia G-7300-M [XXP6725-2/XXP6726-2]. IMPROVISA-TION [MARCHE EPISCOPALE] / IMPROVISATION [MDITATION] (both Vierne).

    Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    RICARDO VIES [pianist]

    4619. 10 Blue PW Eng. Columbia LF 12 [WL1888/WL1889]. LES JARDINS DE MURCIA / MIRAMAR (J. Turina). Both from Contes dEspagne. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    4867. 10 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor 4331 [OLA1208-1/OLA1209-1]. TANGO. A MI-NOR (Albeniz) / SRNADE ESPAGNOLE (both Albeniz). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    5002. 10 Red PW Victor 4467 [OLA1210-1/OLA1211-1]. TONADAS CHILENAS (R. Hum-berto Allende) / BAILECITO (Lopez-Buchardo); MILONGA (Troiani). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    5288. 12 Blue PW Eng. Columbia D15245 [WLX1147/WLX1150]. TORRE BERMEJA [LA TOUR VERMEILLE] (Albeniz) / ESTAMPES: La Soire dans Grenade (Debussy). Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    Sir WILLIAM WALTON [conductor/composer] dir. HALL ORCHESTRA

    1129. 12 Plum HMV C.3359 [2ER709-I/2ER710-II]. SPITFIRE FUGUE (William Walton). Two sides. Written for film First of the Few. Side two with Laurance Turner [solo violin]. Just about 1-2. $10.00.


  • - 201 -

    INSTRUMENTAL 78 rpm Discs


    1132. 12 PW Purple U.S Odeon 5167 [XXB7911/XXB7912]. DAS WUN-DER DER HELIANE: Prelude Act

    III (Erich Korngold). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    1133. 12 PW Purple Dk. Blue German Odeon O-6571 [XXB7911/ XXB7912]. Same as preceding

    item (#1132). Both should play equally well. Few lightest superficial mks., gen. 2. $12.00.


    2090. 12 acous. Pink Eng. Vocalion A-0248, A-0249 [04133X/04134X,

    04135X/04142X]. OLD KING COLE [BALLET SUITE] (Ralph Vaughan Williams). Four sides.

    Conducted by the composer. IMs, lbl. stkrs. Few lt. mks. Gen. cons. 2. $40.00.

    EUGNE YSAE [violinist]

    1324. 12 Purple Columbia 36514 [take 1]. SCHERZO VALSE (Chabrier).

    Excellent surface material. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    1282. 12 Purple Columbia 36520 [take1]. CONCERTO IN E MINOR: Finale (Mendels-

    sohn). Excellent surface material. Few lightest rubs. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    1292. 12 TC Columbia 36523 [take 1]. RONDINO, Op. 32 (Vieuxtemps). Piano acc. Later flush pressing. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    5291. 12 TC Columbia 36526. ALBUMBLTT (Wagner). Cons. 2. $15.00.

    1617. 12 Purple Eng. Columbia 7106 [36524]. HUNGARIAN DANCE IN G, No. 5 (Brahms). Excellent mid-20s pressing. Lt. rubs, small lbl. stkr. 2. $12.00.

    5290. 12 Purple Eng. Columbia 7113 [36516]. LOINTAIN PASS-MAZURKA (Ysae).

    Another fine mid-20s pressing. IMs. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    1747. 12 Purple Eng. Columbia 7115 [36525]. CAPRICE VIENNOIS, Op. 2 (Kreisler).

    Harmless rim bump (not to grooves), otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.


    1382. 12 PW Blk. Polydor 66795 [1345bm/1346bm]. ALESSANDRO STRADELLA:

    Ouvertre (Flotow). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    EFREM ZIMBALIST [violinist]. 5070. 10 Red Orth. Vla 1154. WALTZ IN G FLAT, Op. 70, No. 1 (Chopin, trans. Albert

    Spalding) / PERSIAN SONG (Glinka-Zimbalist). Piano acc. Emanuel Bay. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    1293. 12 Blue Viva-Tonal Columbia 67786-D 67788-D [W98693-2/W98694-2,

    W98695-1-W98696-1, W98697-1/W98698-3]. SONATA IN D MINOR, Op. 108 (Brahms). Six sides. Piano acc. Harry Kaufman. Just about 1-2. $30.00.

    1296. 12 Blue PW Columbia 9095-M [M55086-2/M55087-1]. CARMEN FANTASY (Bizet,

    arr. Sarasate). Two sides. Piano acc. Theodore Saidenberg. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    1346. 12 Blue PW Columbia 9101-M [M55082-1/M55083-2]. ZIGEUNERWEISEN, Op. 20

    (Sarasate). Two sides. Piano acc. Theodore Saidenberg. Lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    1423. 12 Red PW Victor 16194, 16195 [Set M-669]. SONATA No. 1 (Eugne Ysae). Unaccompanied. Four sides. Just about 1-2. $25.00.