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  • Technical Description / Users GuideTechnische Beschreibung / BetriebsanleitungSensors Worldwide


    Multi-Channel Analog Output ProcessorTechnical Description / Users GuideBTM-A1-___ - Voltage OutputBTM-E1-___ - Current OutputEnglish

    Mehrkanal-Auswerteeinheit mit AnalogausgngenTechnische Beschreibung / BetriebsanleitungBTM-A1-___ - SpannungsausgangBTM-E1-___ - Stromausgang

    BTM-A1-__- / BTM-E1-__ -

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    EnglishBTMA1___ / BTME1___MultiChannel Analog Output Processor


    Safety Advisory ..................... 2Description ............................ 3Applications .......................... 3Features/Advantages ........... 3Application Examples ........... 3Design, Product Diagram ..... 4Available Versions ................. 4Specifications ....................... 5Wiring .................................... 5Installation & Setup ............... 6Basic Programming .............. 6Advanced Programming ....... 8

    Safety Advisory

    The BTM-A1-___ / BTM-E1-___ispart of a positioning system andmay only be used for thispurpose.

    Installation and OperationInstallation and operation shouldbe carried out only by trainedpersonnel. Unauthorizedoperation or use may lead to lossof manufacturers warranty andliability.

    Only approved, stabilized powersupplies should be used with themodule.

    Using and Checking theModuleWhen using the system,reasonable and customary safetyprocedures should be followed,especially those to ensure thatno danger to persons andobjects can arise in case thepositioning system fails. Thismay include additional safetylimit switches, E-stop switches,and maintaining the specifiedambient conditions. The properoperation of the positioningsystem and all associatedcomponents should be checkedand documented regularly.

    Error ConditionsAny time there is an indicationthat the positioning system isnot functioning properly, itshould be shut down andprotected from unauthorizeduse.

    ValidityThis description applies tothe BTM-A1-___ series andthe BTM-E1-___ series.

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    English BTMA1___ / BTME1___MultiChannel Analog Output Processor

    Features & Advantages

    Transducer and processor modulesoffer the following advantages overtraditional systems: High immunity to shock,

    vibration, contamination andelectrical noise.

    Wear and maintenance free dueto non-contact technology.

    Absolute output signal with noneed to re-home.

    High resolution, repeatabilityand linearity.

    Ability to use single transducerwith multiple position magnets

    Analog position information with16-bit resolution and analogvelocity information from 2 to400 inches/sec

    User-programmable output Permissible cable length

    between transducer andprocessor up to 1,600 feet.

    Application Examples

    Functional Description

    The BTM-A1__ / BTM-E1___is aDIN rail-mount, analog outputmodule which can provide multipleoutputs when used in conjunctionwith Balluff Micropulse digitalSTART/STOP transducers. TheBTM module can be configured toprovide position feedback, velocityfeedback or both position ANDvelocity feedback. In addition, theBTM module can be used withmultiple magnets on a singletransducer. The BTM module iscompletely user-programmable tomeet a wide variety of applicationrequirements.


    Balluff positioning systems areused in many areas includinghydraulic cylinders, presses, punchpresses, extruders, rolling mills,injection molding, blowmolding,woodworking and packagingmachinery, textile machinery, aswell as elevators, liquid levelmonitoring systems, and handlingequipment.



    0-10 Vdc output (Magnet #1)

    0-10 Vdc output (Magnet #2)

    0-10 Vdc output (Magnet #3)

    0-10 Vdc output (Magnet #4)

    Fig. 2 - Single Magnet Example

    Fig. 1 - Multi Magnet Example



    0-10 Vdc Position output

    -10 to +10 Vdc Velocity output

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    EnglishBTMA1___ / BTME1___MultiChannel Analog Output Processor

    Design & Dimensions

    The BTM-A/BTM-E module isdesigned as a DIN rail-mountablemodule.

    Front Panel (Fig. 3)

    On the front panel are located: Programming push-buttons 5 status LEDs Screw-terminals for wiring

    Fig. 3 - Front Panel Layout

    Ordering Code Remarks

    1 position output, 1 magnet

    2 position outputs, 2 magnets

    1 position output, 1 velocity output,1 magnet

    3 position outputs, 3 magnets

    4 position outputs, 4 magnets


    *specify max. velocity xxxx in inchesand tenths of inches per second (e.g.,30"/sec = VM0300)






    Available Versions


    1 2 3 4

    SEL- PRG-

    SEL+ PRG+





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    English BTMA1___ / BTME1___MultiChannel Analog Output Processor


    WiringWiring - TB1



    Supply VoltageCurrent DrawOperating TemperatureNumber of Outputs

    Position Output

    Velocity OutputVelocity RangeUpdate Rate

    Balluff Micropulse Linear Position Transducer, Model: BTL5-P1-xxxx.../BTL6-P110-xxxxBTM-A1-xxxx BTM-E1-xxxxAnalog Voltage - Displacement Analog Current - DisplacementAnalog Voltage - Velocity Analog Voltage - VelocityModule OK +24 Vdc @20 mA max. Module OK +24 Vdc @20 mA max.+24 Vdc +/-20%125 mA (excluding Micropulse Transducer)0 to +70 C1 to 4 (see ordering options)0 to +10 Vdc, -10 to +10 Vdc, -5 to +5 Vdc 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA(user programmable) (user programmable)-10 to +10 Vdc2 to 400 inches/sec0.5 ms


    Module OK output n/aSTART/STOP (-) from transducer greenSTART/STOP (+) from transducer grayInterrogate (-) to transducer pinkInterrogate (+) to transducer yellowSupply GND to transducer blue+24 Vdc to transducer brownSupply GND user-supplied+24 Vdc Supply user-supplied

    Terminal Function Wire Color

    Wiring - TB2Terminal BTM-A1/E1-x01 BTM-A1/E1-x02 BTM-A1/E1-x02- BTM-A1/E1-x03 BTM-A1/E1-x04


    Position Output - Position Output - Position Output - Position Output - Position Output -Magnet #1 Magnet #1 Magnet #1 Magnet #1 Magnet #1Signal GND Signal GND Signal GND Signal GND Signal GND

    Position Output - Velocity Output - Position Output - Position Output -Magnet #2 Magnet #1 Magnet #2 Magnet #2Signal GND Signal GND Signal GND Signal GND

    not used Position Output - Position Output -Magnet #3 Magnet #3Signal GND Signal GND

    not used not used Position Output -Magnet #4

    not used Signal GNDnot used


    1 2 3 4

    SEL- PRG-

    SEL+ PRG+














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    EnglishBTMA1___ / BTME1___MultiChannel Analog Output Processor


    The BTM module is factory-configured to provide 0V at thebeginning of the active stroke, and10V at the end of the active stroke.In some applications, it may benecessary to configure the outputfor values other than 0V and 10V10V(e.g., 1V and 9.5V)

    ModesInstallation and Setup

    The BTM-A1/E1 Module isdesigned to be mounted on astandard DIN rail. Shielded cableshould be used between the BalluffBTL.-P1... transducer and the BTMmodule. Consult the diagram onpage 5 for wiring information.

    Basic Programming

    BTM-A1/E1 module has twobasic modes of operation:

    - Normal Mode- Program Mode

    Normal ModeUpon start-up, the BTM-A1/E1always enters Normal Mode.While in Normal Mode, all front-panel LEDs off indicates thatthere are no errors present. Thefront-panel push buttons areused to enter Program mode.

    Program ModeIn Program Mode, it is possibleto:

    1. Scale the position signal(s).2. Set the output direction

    (rising or falling)

    Programming Notes

    - If the magnet travels more than4mm beyond the programmedsetpoint, the corresponding LEDwill blink to indicate an error.

    - Any error indication can becleared by simply correcting thecondition which is causing theerror.

    The Online adjustment mode can beused to manually adjust the output ofthe BTM module to any range.

    - Manually position the magnet atthe desired 0 V (BTM-A1) or 4mA (BTM-E1) point.

    - Press and release the PRG-button.

    - Position the magnet at thedesired 10 V (BTM-A1) or 20 mA(BTM-E1) point.

    - Press and release the PRG+button.

    The position signal should now bescaled to the proper length. Press theSEL+ or SEL- button to exit ProgramMode.

    Important - Before the onlineadjustment procedure is per-formed the output range andslope (rising or falling) must beset using the standard positionprogramming procedure.

    Position Programming on-linesetting mode*

    on off off off

    Position Programming (scaling) -single magnet mode

    The BTM module comes factoryconfigured to produce the followingposition output signals on channel1:

    BTM-A1 - 0 to 10 VdcBTM-E1 - 4 to 20 mA

    If an output range of other than 0 to10 V (e.g., -10 to +10 V or -5 to +5V) or 4 to 20 mA (e.g., 0 to 20 mA) isdesired, refer to the section entitledAdvanced Programming (page 8).

    Use the following procedure toscale the output range. Theminimum allowable range is 1".While perfor