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Vw Rabbit Diesel

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Parts Information:
Note * Some Prices May NOT Be Up To Date . Curren t Pricing At :
 If You Would Like A Picture Of Any Of The Parts
We Carry, Please Let Us Know. We Offer Digital Pictures,  In JPEG Format At Your Request.
The below listing will load a bit slow but has
a wealth of pictures, parts and prices for the
1977 up to the 1992 VW Diesel.
Among some of the parts you will find are
Heads, Blocks, Pistons, Rings, Bearings,
Clutch Kits, the list goes on.
Scroll slow, and you will find links to 'How to
Identify Head Bolts', Complete Hose Kits and
so on.
 [email protected]
(M - Th 8:00 - 5-00 Friday 8:00 - 12 noon EST)
You may request a call from us if you need
an answer to a Tech Problem, or have a Parts
Question. Please let us know the number, and the best time to call, also what part of the
country you are in!
937 217 7060
For Re Builders, And Home Mechanics, Click Here For Torque Specifications.
Parts For Sale
A Partial List of Parts For Your Consideration:
As we do not produce a catalog per-say, if you don't see a part you need send a
note and we will get back to you the same day with avalibility and price.
All Of Our Parts Are OEM !
1-Rebuilt Heads $395.00 Up When Available
2-Short Blocks 1.6 Limited Availability
3-Clutch Kits 200mm (includes alignment tool) $129.95
4-Oil Pumps $79.95
6-Glow Plugs (good used $7.00ea) $12.95 OEM
7-Injection Pumps (core needed) $395.00 Non Turbo to '84 , '85 - '92 Non Turbo $495.00 & $525.00 , $595.00 Turbo's
8-Timing Belts $22.95
9-Water Pumps $38.95
10-Thermostat $9.95
11-"O" Rings T/Stat & W/Pump Housing $1.5012-Oil Filters, Mann or Bosch $7.95
13-Air Filter $9.95
New Bosch Fast Glow Plugs
$12.95 ea.
Click Here For Shifter Kit Picture 
4-Adjustment Shims $2.50 5-Valve Keepers $0.49 ea.
6-Cam Followers $5.50
9-Valve Guides $4.95
10-A-Click Here To Identify Head Bolts 
11-Cam Seals (Same seal For Crank & I/Shaft $5.95
12-Valves Intake $14.95 Ex., $19.95
13-Adjuster Pulley (not shown) $23.50
14-Head Gaskets I-Notch, 2-Notch, or 3-Notch $28.95 Hyd Head $39.95
15-Complete Brazilian Gasket Sets (not shown) $59.95
1-Rings $59.95 .020 & .040 - Std $59.95
2-Pistons .20 & .40 Over (Includes Rings, & Pins) $299.95
2a-Turbo Diesel Pistons .20 & .40 Over (Includes Rings, & Pins) $499.95
3-Rods (Good Used) $25.00 ea
4-Rod Bearings $39.95
2-Flywheel (Good Used) $65.00
If It's For The VW Diesel, We Will Have IT.
Click Here If You Prefer A Fax Order Form
1977-1984 Fuel Filters $12.95
1985-1988 Fuel Filters $26.95
Heat Shields R=$1.50
Pan Gasket R=$8.95
Timing Belt R=$22.95
Gear Timing 14mm R=$24.00
Std. Rings -Grant- R=$59.95
.20 Over Rings R=$59.95 .20 Under Main Bearings R=$49.95
Std. Rod Bearings R=$39.95
Ball Joints (R/J) R=$19.95
Strut Inserts (R/J) R=$39.95
1.6 Turbo Pistons .20 Over $499.95 Set (includes rings)
1.6 Pistons .20 Over R=$299.95 (with rings
Coolant Tank Sensor R=$17.95
200mm Clutch Disk R/J R= $47.95
Pressure Plate 200mm (R/J) R=$46.95
Thermostats R=$9.95
 No Refunds On Electrical Parts
90 Day Warrantee (Exchange) on Used Motors & Parts
Full Warranty Information Here