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  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    WestWind AirlinesAirbus A330-200

    Flightcrew Operations Manual

    Version 2006.01

    ©May 2006 WestWind Airlines NOT FOR REAL WORLD USE

  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    Page 1-1


    Congratulations Captain on your promotion to Category 4 and welcome to the Airbus Industries A330-200. The following information is based on Airbus source

    documentation, realworld pilot training guides, and reference material based on the

    Flightcraft™ A330-200 when used with the Eric Marciano Airbus 330 panel. This setup

     provides for a very realistic setup for freeware A330 operations.

    Due to the limitations of Microsoft Flight Simulator version 9 in simulating advanced

    transport category aircraft, this manual will provide only a basic guide to the systems in the A330. In some cases we will go deeper into the systems than the simulation will

    allow for giving our pilots a general understanding of A330 operations. In other cases we will completely ignore systems. It is hoped that we will provide the right amount of information for your tastes. While attention to detail was maintained the author did not

    have access to a real A330 FCOM. Thus information was based on the best available data

    that could be mined off the internet and available for free.

    One of the first things you will notice about the A330 is its dedication and redundancy to

    automatic flight systems. The aircraft has fully integrated systems of FADEC and

    computerized flight controls. They are mixed through multiple computers to provide  predictive flight path optimization. The reality is even with Eric’s excellent panel this is

    much more than FS9 is capable of simulating. Manual flight is a rarity in this airplane.

    Managing the multitude of systems is the Captains primary job.

    It is ashamed that this must be stated as any real world pilot will quickly identify that

    this is not a FOM for use in the real airplane, however for those few who are still abound: This Documentation is NOT FOR USE IN A REAL AIRCRAFT. If you are an

    operator of an A330 please stop now and refer to Airbus or your Airline specific

     published information. This document is NOT meant to supplement real world

    documentation and is for hobby use only.

    While much of this information has been taken from other sources, a bibliography of

    such is at the end of this document; the arrangement, notes, look and feel of this

    document is © 2006 WestWind Airlines. All rights are reserved. The educational “fairuse” is withheld by the authors. You may contact the author at www.flywestwind.com 

    and send a message to the President / CEO requesting specific use of this material. This document may not be loaded onto any webserver other than www.flywestwind.com.

    Referencing by web search engines and archival is authorized so long as the document is

    not removed from the web source supporting it.

  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    Page 1-2

    Performance Specifications:

     Aircraft Dimensions Overall Length 192 ft. 12 in

    Height 57 ft. 1 in.

    Fuselage Diameter 18 ft. 6 in.

    Maximum Cabin Width 17 ft. 4 in.

    Cabin Length 147 ft. 8 in.

    Wingspan (geometric) 197 ft. 10 in.

    Wheelbase 72 ft. 10 in.

    Basic Operating Data Engines RR Trent 700

    Engine Trust 71,000 lbs Passenger Seating 253 (in three classes)

    Range (w/max. passengers) 6,750 nm

    Max Operating Mach Number 0.86 Mo.

    Design Weights Maximum Ramp Weight 515,700 lbs

    Maximum Takeoff Weight 507,000 lbs

    Maximum Landing Weight 396,800 lbs

    Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 370,400 lbs

    Maximum Fuel Capacity 36,765 US Gallons

    Maximum Structural Payload 109,100 lbs

    Maximum Cargo Payload 80,200 lbs 1  


    This manual consists of 9 sections and contains the material required to be furnished to  pilots by FAR Part 121. It also provides

    supplemental information provided by

    WestWind Airlines.

    Descriptive Data

    Engine: 2  

     Number of Engines: Two Engine Manufacture: Rolls-Royce Engine Model Number: Trent 772B

    Engine Type: Turbofan SLS, ISA, flat-rated to

    37°C/99°F Thrust: 71,100lb

    Bypass ratio: 5.0

    Inlet massflow: 2030lb/sec

  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    Page 1-3

    Fan diameter 97.4in Length: 154in

    Stages: Fan, 8 IPC, 6 HPC, 1 HPT, 1 IPT, 4 LPT


    Approved Fuel Grades JET A

    JET A1

    JET B 

    Fuel Capacity: Outer Tanks Inner Tanks Center Tank Trim Tank Total

    A330-200 1,928 22,190 11,002 1,645 36,765

  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    Page 2-1

    A330 Limitations 3


    Weight Limits  Max Takeoff 507,000 lbs.

    Max Landing 407,800 lbs.

    Crosswind / Max Alt

    Max 90° crosswind component (including gusts) for takeoff and landing 29 knots 

    Max 90° crosswind component (including gusts) for CAT II/III approaches10 knots Limiting tailwind component for takeoff and landing 10 knots

    Max operating altitude 41,000 feet

    Speed Limits

    Max operating airspeed (VMO) 330KIAS S.L. to 30,000 feet Max operating mach (MMO) .86M Above 30,000 feet

    Max gear

    Extension speed (VLO) 250 KIAS/ .55M  Retraction Speed (VLO) 250 KIAS/ .55M 

    Extended speed (VLE) 250 KIAS/ .55M 

    Turbulence penetration speeds

    At or above 20,000 feet 260 KIAS/ .78M  Below 20,000 feet 240 KIAS 

    Max Flap/Slat Extended Speeds (VFE) 

    Position VFE 

    1 240 KIAS

    1+F 215 KIAS

    2 196 KIAS

    3 186 KIAS

    Full 180 KIAS

    Ice & Rain Protection

    Engine Anti-Ice must be on when: Icing Conditions exist on the ground & for Takeoff when OAT 10 C (50 F) or below

    Icing Conditions exist in-flight when TAT 10 C (50 F) or below

    Use of wing anti-ice on the ground is prohibited.


    Total Usable Fuel tank Quantity 238,973 lbs. (6.5 lbs per gallon fuel density) Maximum allowable fuel imbalance 1,000 lbs. 

  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    Page 2-2

     between the left and right wing tanks 

    Landing Gear

    Max landing gear extension altitude 21,000 feet

    Flight Controls

    Max operating altitude with slats or slats and flaps extended 20,000 feet

    Autopilot / Autoland

    Min Altitude

    − After T/O if SRS is Indicated 100 feet AGL

    Max wind for Automatic Approach, Landing and Roll Out

    Headwind 30 knots  Tailwind 10 knots 

    Cross wind other than CAT II/III 20 knots 

    Minimum Crew

    Minimum crew for the A330 is two pilots and 8 flight attendants Minimum Equipment List


  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    Page 3-1

    Aircraft Systems

    This section describes the aircraft systems emergencies that may reasonably be expected to occur and presents the procedures to be followed. Emergency procedures are given in

    checklist form when applicable. A condensed version of these procedures is in the

    Operator's and Crewmember's Checklist, Emergency operations of avionics equipment

    are covered when appropriate in Section 9 and are repeated in this section only as safety of flight is affected.

    Immediate Action Emergency Checks

    Immediate action emergency items are underlined for your reference and shall be committed to memory. During an emergency, the checklist will be called for to verify the memory steps performed and to assist in completing any additional emergency



    The urgency of certain emergencies requires immediate action by the pilot. The most

    important single consideration is aircraft control. All procedures are subordinate to this

    requirement. Reset MASTER CAUTION after each malfunction to allow systems to respond to subsequent malfunctions.

    Definition of Landing Terms

    The term LANDING IMMEDIATELY is defined as executing a landing without delay.

    (The primary consideration is to assure the survival of occupants.) The term LAND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE is defined as executing a landing to the nearest suitable landing

    area without delay. The term LAND AS SOON AS PRACTICABLE is defined as

    executing a landing to the nearest suitable airfield.

    Emergency Entrance

    The A330-200 is equipped with three pairs of Type A (full size door) emergency exits

    with inflatable emergency exit slides and one Type I (over wing) exit also equipped withan emergency slide. The hatches may be released by pulling on its flush-mounted, pull-

    out handle, placarded EMERGENCY EXIT-PULL HANDLE TO RELEASE. The hatches are of the hinged swing door type. After the latches are released, the hatch may

     be pulled out.

    Engine Malfunctions

  • 8/15/2019 WestWind Airlines A330-200FOM



    Page 3-2

    a. Flight Characteristics under Partial Power Conditions. At ISA conditions the Flig


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