A Classified Bibliography of the Septuagint ARBEITEN ZUR LITERATUR UND GESCHICHTE DES HELLENISTISCHEN JUDENTUMS HERAUSGEGEBEN VON K. H. RENGSTORF IN VERBINDUNG MIT J. DANIÉLOU, G. DELLING, S. JELLICOE, H. R. MOEHRING, B. NOACK, H. M. ORLINSKY, H. RIESENFELD, A. SCHALIT, H. SCHRECKENBERG, W. C. VAN UNNIK, A. WIKGREN, A. S. VAN DER WOUDE VI BROCK/FRITSCH/JELLICOE A CLASSIFIED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE SEPTUAGINT A Classified Bibliography of the Septuagint Compiled by Sebastian P. Brock Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Cambridge Charles T. Fritsch Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey Sidney Jellicoe Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Quebec ISBN 90 04 03596 6 Copyright 1973 by E. J. Brill, Leiden, Netherlands All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or translated in any form, by print, photoprint, microfilm, microfische or any other means without written permission from the publisher PRINTED IN THE NETHERLANDS Table of Contents Introduction ix Abbreviations xiii 1. Introductions 1 2. Concordances 3 3. a. Editions 4 b. Translations of LXX 7 4. Survey Articles 8 5. Personalia 9 6. Significance of LXX 10 7. General 10

Septuagint bibliography

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A Classified Bibliography of the Septuagint


A Classified Bibliography of the SeptuagintCompiled bySebastian P. BrockFaculty of Oriental Studies, University of CambridgeCharles T. FritschPrinceton Theological Seminary, New JerseySidney JellicoeBishop's University, Lennoxville, QuebecISBN 90 04 03596 6Copyright 1973 by E. J. Brill, Leiden, NetherlandsAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or translated in any form, by print,photoprint, microfilm, microfische or any other means without written permission from the publisherPRINTED IN THE NETHERLANDSTable of Contents

Introduction ixAbbreviations xiii1. Introductions 12. Concordances 33. a. Editions 4b. Translations of LXX 74. Survey Articles 85. Personalia 96. Significance of LXX 107. General 108. Inspiration of LXX 139. Canon 1410. a. LXX As a Translation 16b. Biblical Translation in General (Select) 1711. Characteristics and Background 1712. Particular Concepts 1813. Anthropomorphism/-Pathism 2014. Hellenistic Exegesis 2015. Language 21a. General 21b. (i) Grammars 23(ii) Grammatical Studies 25c. (i) Lexica 29(ii) Lexical Studies 3016. Translation Technique 3417. Divine Names 3718. a. Proper Names 39b. Onomastica 4019. Transliterations 4120. Wutz's Theory 4321. Pseudo-Aristeas 44a. Texts and Translations 44b. Studies 4522. Proto-LXX 4723. Later History of LXX 4824. LXX and MT 48a. General 48b. Chronology 5025. LXX and Qumran 5026. a. LXX and Peshitta 51b. LXX and Targum 5227. LXX and NT 53a. General 53b. Individual Books 54c. Testimonia (Select) 5628. Philo 5729. Josephus 5830. Apostolic Fathers, Justin 5931. Patristica 6032. Origen 6433. Jerome 6534. Editions (Studies on) 6635. Manuscripts 68a. General 68b. Papyri 69c. Manuscripts (Other than Papyri) 74d. Inscriptions, Amulets, etc. 80e. Catenae 81f. Lections; Use of LXX in Liturgy 8236. Textual Studies 84a. General 84b. Corruptions 85c. Recensions (General) 86d. Hebraising Recensions (Other than Hexaplaric) 86e. Hexaplaric Recension 87f. Lucianic Recension 87g. Hesychian Recension 8837. Hexapla 88a. General 88b. Hexapla and Tetrapla 90c. Second Column 9138. Other Greek Translations 92a. General 92b. Aquila 93c. Theodotion 94d. Symmachus 94e. Quinta 95f. Samaritikon 96g. Syros 96h. Other Translations 96i. Medieval Greek 97j. Graecus Venetus 9739. Individual Books 98a. (i) Pentateuch (General) 98(ii) Genesis 99(iii) Exodus 100(iv) Leviticus 101(v) Numbers 101(vi) Deuteronomy 102b. Joshua, Judges, Ruth 103(i) Joshua 103 (ii) Judges 104(iii) Ruth 105c. (i) III Samuel (III Kingdoms) 105(ii) III Kings (IIIIV Kingdoms) 107d. (i) Chronicles (Paraleipomena) 109(ii) III Esdras 110e. (i) Esther 112(ii) Judith 113(iii) Tobit 114f. IIV Maccabees 115g. (i) Psalms 119(ii) Odes and Ps. 151 121h. (i) Proverbs 122(ii) Ecclesiastes 122(iii) Song of Songs (Cantica) 123(iv) Job 123i. (i) Wisdom of Solomon 125(ii) Ben Sira (Ecclesiasticus) 129 (iii) Psalms of Solomon 132j. Prophetical Books (General) 134k. XII Prophets 134l. Isaiah 137m. (i) Jeremiah 139(ii) Lamentations 140 (iii) Baruch, Ep. Jeremiae 140n. Ezekiel 141o. Daniel 14240. Versions 144a. Arabic 144b. Armenian 147c. Coptic 150d. Ethiopic 160e. Georgian 163f. Gothic 167g. Old Latin 168h. Slavonic 186i. Peshitta 189j. Syro-Hexaplar 191k. Syriac: Jacob of Edessa 193l. Palestinian Syriac (Christian Palestinian Aramaic) 19341. Illustration of LXX 195Index of Authors 202

IntroductionLiterature on the LXX is scattered over a very wide field, and the present classified bibliography would not claim to be complete, although it is hoped that everything, or nearly everything, of importance has been included.For purposes of convenience the 'Septuagint' is taken to consist of those books which feature in A. Rahlfs, Septuaginta (Stuttgart, 1935), and it is Rahlfs' order of the constituent books that is adhered to in sections 39 and 40.Coverage is down to 1969 (inclusive),1 but at the other end of the scale it has seemed preferable not to impose any rigid starting point, hence the practice has been to be increasingly selective for the literature prior to 1900, and it is only in exceptional cases that items earlier than c. 1860 are included.The aim throughout has been to provide as practical a guide as possible to the literature,2 and for this reason a fairly elaborate subject classification has been adopted. Obviously it has not always been easy to decide in which section to place any given item, and in some cases the same item is entered in full in two (or more) sections (notably in sections 16 and 39); in other cases cross references have been given. The cross references are collected at the head of each section, and these refer, either to other sectionsin their entirety, or to individual items in those sections; the latter can readily be identified by running the eye down the left hand margins and isolating the entries marked with the appropriate section number.Needless to say there are many marginal areas where it is extremely difficult to know what to include and what to exclude. Normally the criterion has been whether or not an item is primarily concerned with the LXX: thus the innumerable discussions of textual points 1 The only exception is the presence of a few reviews which have appeared in 1970 journals.2 Bibliographical perfection has not been sought. Thus, for example, no attempt has been made to list all reprints, and titles in non-European languages are only given in translation.in MT which make incidental use of the LXX have been excluded.1 In certain other sections, notably, some works of purely general concern have been included where it is thought they would be helpful.Explanatory notes are occasionally given, in square brackets. Important reviews are sometimes included, but no systematic attempt has been made to seek these out.In the individual sections the following points should be noted:

3: With one exception editions printed in Greece have not been included.

31: Patristic commentaries are not included. Items primarily concerned with textualproblems will be found listed under 39.

35: Publications which contain only isolated LXX texts (e.g. Oxyrhynchus Papyri)are not included. Studies of manuscripts primarily concerned with textual problems will be found listed under 39.

36: Cross references only (to 39) are given for studies relating to individual books.

39: Commentaries are cited only exceptionally (this also applies to books survivingonly in Greek): lists of these are easily accessible, e.g. in Eissfeldt. The subsections on books surviving only in Greek are for the most part confined to items concerned with text and exegesis, those on literary and historical questions being omitted.

40: It should be noted that not all OT texts in the languages covered derive from theLXX (e.g. many Arabic texts derive from the Peshitta). Secondary versions are not normally included. Similar to the practice in 35, only publications of texts which primarily contain versions of the LXX are included. Linguistic studies of the versions are not included, and the same applies to secondary literature on lectionaries, etc.

41: No attempt has been made to include illustration of the versions of the LXX,although a few items are given.1 See, e.g., the many articles by G. R. Driver, D. W. Thomas, to name only British scholars (bibliographies in Hebrew and Semitic Studies presented to G. R. Driver, ed. D. W. Thomas and W. D. McHardy (Oxford, 1963), and Words and Meanings, ed. P. R. Ackroyd and B. Lindars (Cambridge, 1968), respectively).

In compiling the bibliography the Editors have been indebted not only to the wide range of authors represented (with the special bibliographies included, in many cases, in their articles or volumes), but also to the extensive entries in works of reference such as the Elenchus Bibliographicus (Biblica) and Eissfeldt's Einleitung with its English translation by P. R. Ackroyd (1965). Valued assistance, which is gratefully acknowledged, has been given by Drs. J. N. Birdsall (University of Birmingham), J. A. L. Lee (now of the University of Sydney), and Emanuel Tov (Hebrew University, Jerusalem).The Editors would also like to express their gratitude to Professor K. H. Rengstorf for his manifold help.S.P.B.C.T.F.S.J. 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