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Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher November 21, 1768 Breslau– February 12, 1834 Berlin

German theologian, philosopher, and biblical scholar known for his attempt to reconcile the criticisms of the Enlightenment with traditional Protestant Christianity.

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He also became influential in the evolution of Higher Criticism, and his work forms part of the foundation of the modern field of hermeneutics. (Bible text interpretation)

Because of his profound effect on subsequent Christian thought, he is often called the "Father of Modern Liberal Theology" and is considered an early leader in liberal Christianity.

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Schleiermacher understood that reading a text was a discourse between the interpreter and the text itself; however, he considered the text as the means by which the author is communicating thoughts previous to the creation of the text.

These thoughts are what ultimately cause the author to produce the text, thus the place where these "inner thoughts" become "outer expression" in language is at the moment of text creation. 

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The ultimate goal of hermeneutics for Schleiermacher is "understanding in the highest sense." 

In this way, the object to be understood stems from a thought of an author, and then is expressed through language.

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The relationship of the author to language is cyclical, since the author is limited by his/her language and historical context, but s/he also contributes to language as a whole through new ideas and the appropriation of language.

The interpreter must understand how its original audience understood this language.

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The impact of Schleiermacher's work on hermeneutics is significant.

The claim of Schleiermacher as the father of hermeneutics seems to be justified by the fact that his work marks the beginning of hermeneutics as a general field of inquiry, separate from the specific disciplines (e.g. law or theology).

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His focus on hermeneutics as a theory of interpretation for any textual expression would be expanded even further to the theory of interpretation of lived experiences in the twentieth century by those likeHeidegger, Gadamer and Ricoeur.

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Understanding the Ideal of Marriage:A Comparative Study of Schleiermacher and Unification Thought by Dietrich F. Seidel

Schleiermacher's view on marriage, a mature or Christian view as it is expressed in sources such as Outline of a System of Ethics and in particular the Household Sermons from 1818.

We will focus on Schleiermacher's mature view on marriage by referring primarily to the first of his nine household sermons.

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For Schleiermacher, the unity of human consciousness and with it the certainty of knowledge cannot be found only in the reflective or only in the creative mode of thinking, for in both modes one encounters always a difference between thought and being.

The point of unity must in some way combine thought and being by showing an intrinsic congruence between the two contrasting activities of human consciousness identified as thinking in the sense of being influenced by reality (reflective thinking) and willing in the sense of shaping reality (creative thinking).

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For Schleiermacher that point of unity is defined as the immediate self-consciousness; it is the locus where the identity of thought and being becomes conscious to human beings, but in such a way as to exclude any possibility to make that immediate self-consciousness itself the object of further intellectual reflection.

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Schleiermacher points out that the transcendent Ground marks the identity of thought and being in a universal sense, while immediate self-consciousness describes the identity of thought and being for a particular consciousness.

What follows is an analogy of being between God, perceived as the transcendent Ground, and man's immediate self-consciousness as a particular manifestation of the identity of thought and being.

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We will focus our attention on three topics, namely:

1)the higher purpose of marriage, 2)the harmonizing of differences, and 3)the Christ-centered union of the marriage partners.

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1. In his first household sermon on marriage Schleiermacher speaks about the love for God and the Savior as the overall purpose of the domestic life, a purpose that assigns also to marriage its central significance.

According to Schleiermacher, it is the goal of domestic relationships to enhance our fellowship with God and to deepen our love for Christ. 

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2. Schleiermacher employs Biblical teachings for defining the concepts of an internal complementarity in marriage with which he describes the inner dynamics of marital life.

He affirms that in the process of developing the marital relationship there appear seemingly opposite positions that need to be harmonized. 

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3. Schleiermacher understands the Christian fulfillment of marital love in terms of a complete equality between the spouses.

He emphasizes that the mutual penetration of the personalities of husband and wife has to be grounded in their superior love for Christ.

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The Unification View of MarriageA.Three Universal Principles

The Unification view of marriage is directly related to a dialectical understanding of God's attributes. Thus, we will first discuss three universal principles which provide an explanation of the major characteristics of God and creation.

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These principles can be identified as:

1) the primal principle of origin, 2) the give and receive action, and 3) the four position foundation.

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1. What then is the primal principle of origin which can also be described as the central attribute of God? Unification Thought points out that the innermost character of God is heart which in turn defines the purpose for all created reality

Heart is explained as the "emotional impulse to obtain joy through love," thus affirming that God's motivation for creating is rooted in the desire to realize joy through love.

Page 21: DP & Schleiermacher

2. The dialectical conception of the Original Image as expressed through the nature of heart includes the second universal principle, namely, give and receive action.

As heart provides the motivational force for the realization of love it becomes obvious from human experience that love is actualized based on the reciprocity of giving and receiving. 

Page 22: DP & Schleiermacher

The original ideal of creation would be able to offer a unique response to God's love, a response which could not be accomplished within God himself, thus representing a genuine unfolding of love according to the desire of God's heart.

Page 23: DP & Schleiermacher

3. The structural expression of the primal principle of origin and the principle of give and take action in God and creation is explained with the Unification concept of the four position foundation. (=Family)

Page 24: DP & Schleiermacher

B. The Marriage Ideal

The motivation for God's creative activity lies in the impulse to seek joy through love.

In short, joy is realized when a loving relationship between God and created beings is established.

Page 25: DP & Schleiermacher

Second, we need to ask the question how do human beings become qualified objects for God's love, or how do they resemble God the most.

The Unification view emphasizes that the supreme manifestation of God's love in the created order is accomplished through the ideal of marriage and the subsequent building of the family.

Page 26: DP & Schleiermacher

A person's mind and body form the subject-object relationship and growth occurs through a harmonious mind-body relationship centered on the purpose of creation in accordance with the desire of God's heart.

Moreover, the uniqueness of individual growth is characterized by the right use of freedom and responsibility.

Page 27: DP & Schleiermacher

God's resemblance by human beings is fulfilled on two levels.

While the harmony of character and form in the Original Image is manifested through the mature interaction of mind and body in the individual, there is beyond that level the expression of masculinity and femininity of the Original Image through an ideal partner ship of husband and wife.

Page 28: DP & Schleiermacher

C. Summary

We have seen that the Unification view of marriage presents a consistent application of the earlier discussed three universal principles.

It emphasizes the centrality of God's heart as the primal principle of origin which determines the unfolding of loving relationships between God and human beings.

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In particular, the marriage relationship has been identified as the supreme manifestation of a qualified object for the love of God. 

For Schleiermacher the unitive principle is defined as the identity of thought and being or the unity of reason and nature,

Page 30: DP & Schleiermacher

whereas Unification Thought affirms the heart of God as the original unifying principle.

Both systems of thought then affirm the importance of human experience and the faculty of feeling for understanding Ultimate Reality (God - Spirit World).

Page 31: DP & Schleiermacher

For more details. Go to Source text:

Understanding the Ideal of Marriage from a Dialectical Perspective: A Comparative Study of Schleiermacher and Unification Thought by Dietrich F. Seidel

Link: www.tparents.org/UTS/ExUnif/ExUnif-1-3.htm

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Breslau old University –todays Wroclaw Poland

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Page 34: DP & Schleiermacher

St Paul:

I knew a man in Christ fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knows;) such a one caught up to the third heaven.

How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter. /2Cor. 12:3-5

Page 35: DP & Schleiermacher


Expression of New Revelation= (limited) expression of Spiritual Truth in Words. Divine Principle by Sun Myung Moon.

Quote: Arthur Ford 1964/65

Fletcher:This man has a message - this man has no message – but the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, can speak through Moon more clearly more completely - than he is able to speak through any one individual today. It may take a long time for his truth to be realized in the hearts of men.

Page 36: DP & Schleiermacher

In order to systematize and teach this knowledge (Divine Principle), he spent countless hours in prayer and in study of the Bible.

In 1950 he began to teach formally the most important parts of The Principle to his disciples. However, much of The Principle received by Reverend Moon is still unpublished. More of The Principle revelation will be released according to the progress of the dispensation and the development of the foundation on earth. /DP Level IV 1980

Page 37: DP & Schleiermacher

It may take a long time for his truth to be realized in the hearts of men. But even the Christ had to have his John the Baptist to herald him - and then, after he came, he had to gather around him a group - and after his death that group bore witness - and it's a long time.

There is but one God. There is but one Christ. He may wear different names, because 'men speak different tongues, hut there is but one God, one Christ, one Spirit of Truth. Whenever that Spirit of Truth becomes vocal, you are wise to listen.

Page 38: DP & Schleiermacher

The more highly evolved a person becomes spiritually the more impersonal he becomes in the sense that, like St. Paul said, "I died that Christ may live" and then at another time he said, "I die daily.”

Page 39: DP & Schleiermacher

And Mr. Moon made it clear that every man who is seeking spiritual growth or understanding has to die - because in dying it means you are pushing - (not physical death, that's of no moment whatever) - your selfishness, your desires, your egocentric being is daily pushed further and further away from the center of your being so that the spiritual impulse that seeks to express itself through you can become manifest.

Page 40: DP & Schleiermacher

And there is no happiness that can transcend the happiness of death - the death of selfish interest, personal self-centered desires, and all those things which are causing man to be, even while in the body, earth - bound more truly than he could be even when he is free from the physical body.

That is true happiness - to become part of the Universal Mind and Heart and to express it.

Page 41: DP & Schleiermacher

Expressions of Truth!www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/DP96/


Until Original Mission of Jesus

After the Coming of Heaven

Life and Mission of

Second Coming

Page 42: DP & Schleiermacher

The Jesus of Galilee will not return - it is not necessary.

The Christ (New Adam) who manifested through him is the Eternal – he will manifest again.

 Mr. Moon in deep meditation can project himself and be seen just as Jesus has been able to project himself and be seen by the saints. 

This is one of the marks - of the messiahs always.

Page 43: DP & Schleiermacher

This is the end of an age, and the battle that is raging is really Armageddon. It's a battle between the selfish, brutal men who do not think in terms of God or things which are associated with that word - against those peoples who will be the harbingers of the New Age.

Page 44: DP & Schleiermacher

You are now in the new Age - and old things are being destroyed - and new things - which are eternal but which are new only because mankind has now reached the point where it is able to recognize them and use them.

Page 45: DP & Schleiermacher

 'From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force. /Mathew 11:12

 The revelators seldom live to see their revelations widely accepted. But they do always draw to them – and leave behind them – a group who continue the revelation.

Page 46: DP & Schleiermacher

Anthony Brooke: Can you say how near we are to such a breakthrough of universal truth?

Fletcher: You are in the process now. But before Jesus became manifest there were people who had been prepared - John the Baptist came prepared.

But the world has grown and multiplied – the means of communication have become simpler and easier. 

It takes not one man in a little country to be a John the Baptist, but many men in many countries to herald the coming.

Page 47: DP & Schleiermacher

But it is not likely that everyone will accept it, because it needs education and it will take time. Nobody can give away perfection.

Perfection was the ideal, and perfection was mans goal from the beginning, but man choose himself to loose that perfection, and she must now choose to return to it. 

Page 48: DP & Schleiermacher

 But you cannot expect the message to be accepted immediately by vast numbers of people only those who are ready and who are willing to listen and to whom this particular message seems to be right and meaningful.

That is the way that all the world teachers have had to go. 

And remember one thing only, that if it is of God, it can not fail. And it is of God. /Arthur Ford sitting 1965

Page 49: DP & Schleiermacher

Mr. Moon reminded me that in the Book of Revelation there is a picture of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, coming down out of the heavens.

And there was a door on the east and a door on the south, a door on the north and a door on the west –and when the teacher comes, he always has to come through the eastern gate.

In the Holy City of Jerusalem there is an eastern gate long since sealed and blocked. It will never be opened until the new teacher comes. /Arthur Ford sitting 1965


Page 50: DP & Schleiermacher

The Hebrew name of the Golden Gate is Sha'ar HaRachamim ( הרחמים Gate of Mercy. In Jewish sources the eastern  ,(שערgate of the Temple compound is called the Shushan Gate., this would make it the oldest of the current gates in Jerusalem's Old City Walls.

Page 51: DP & Schleiermacher

According to Jewish tradition, the Shekhinah כינה) Divine Presence) used to appear through the eastern Gate, and will appear again when the Anointed One (Messiah) comes (Ezekiel 44:1–3)

Comment : Divine Principle claims Messiah comes from the East, Korea!

I can only repeat the vision of John, that when the New Age comes, the Eastern Gate will open, and not only man - but Revelation – will flow out of that gate. /Ford-Fletcher

Page 52: DP & Schleiermacher

Clouds forming the face of Jesusover Korea 1950

Page 53: DP & Schleiermacher


Page 54: DP & Schleiermacher

At His ascension, the veil was removed and the Son appeared in glory, (Acts. 7 v.55-56) never to have that glory veiled again. When He returns to this earth to set His feet on the Mount of Olives, (Zech. 14 v.4) all who dwell on the earth "shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory"; (Matt. 24 v.30, Rev. 19 v.11-16)

1969Mount of Olives

Page 55: DP & Schleiermacher

Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

"Christ will Return as a peacemaker"

Page 56: DP & Schleiermacher

2000 year of preparation for the 2nd Coming of Christ

M Luther (1483-1546)

R. SteinerAntroposophy

Korean Phophecies

Nostradamus 1503-1566

Swedenborg 1688-1772


Tagore Yeats


St John of Patmos

Fatima Ford Vanga1930s Branham

Korean prophecy Chung Gam Rok

Page 57: DP & Schleiermacher

Who Is He?by Sung Mo Koo

The Messiah down to earth in secret

The Korean Books of Prophecy



Page 58: DP & Schleiermacher

EAST GARDEN 21st November ’98

Hoon Dok Hae

'WHO IS HE? A BOOK OF PROPHECY' by independent journalist Mr Ku Sung Mo

After 20 years of studying prophecy by many Korean prophets throughout the ages Mr Ku concludes that someone must come to Korea as the second coming of Buddha, Christ or Confucius.

He writes quite directly that Sun Myung Moonis the one.

Page 59: DP & Schleiermacher

Chapter 2 - The Korean Books Of Prophecy

A white cross, a great heavenly way that unifies Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and all other religions into one.

He will come April year (2000-2001) or 2024-2025 (Moon Calendar).

Believe in God (this is the teaching of the holy man who came from Heaven).

Page 60: DP & Schleiermacher

The fortune of this Messiah is as the coming of Buddha (Second Coming of Buddha to this world). When this time arrives, the entire world will be in chaos. Fire will fly and fall to the ground and the world will become hopelessly confused.

There will be no place for even one evil spirit to reside in the new world.

The whole world will be unified and once again return to the original point.

The families who read these messages are the blessed ones.

Page 61: DP & Schleiermacher


Within four years or thirty years (1998-2028) there will be a final showdown between this Holy man and evil. He will start doing his work in the centre of Yong San. He is the one who came here to do God's will. Who is he?

Two saints will be sent the first will be the false one. The second will be true and have the name Moon. Only the ones with (spiritual) eyes will be able to recognise him.

He will be born in North Korea. He will marry many young people and go through many persecutions.

Who else can it be other than the Rev Sun Myung Moon.

Page 62: DP & Schleiermacher

Messianic Acceptance


Human Respons- Ability



Page 63: DP & Schleiermacher

Benny AnderssonSweden

Page 64: DP & Schleiermacher

If he (Jesus) had been allowed to live He would have gone on teaching and in the end, been accepted by all as the Son of God, and the world would have becomea better place for it.

But Man has free will and He was put to death and the plans made by God were thwarted. 

1981Ken Akehurst

Page 65: DP & Schleiermacher

Benny AnderssonSweden

Page 66: DP & Schleiermacher

John the Baptist of 2000 years ago was a person of tremendous influence, enjoying great prestige all over Israel as a great man of God -- just like Billy Graham of today, a great Christian leader.

Let us say some unknown young man suddenly appeared and began proclaiming himself to the world as the Son of God. As a student of the scriptures, you would ask him, "If you are the Son of God, where is the promised Elijah?" If this man said, "Do you not know that Billy Graham is Elijah?"

what would be your reaction?

Page 67: DP & Schleiermacher

You would undoubtedly say, "Impossible! How could Billy Graham be Elijah? He did not come out of the blue sky. We all know he came from North Carolina!"You could not accept that, could you? Precisely this same kind

of unbelief confronted our Lord Jesus Christ.

People could not accept John the Baptist as Elijah, simply because he did not come from the sky. The people of 2,000 years ago were stubborn in their belief that the prophecy of Elijah's return must be fulfilled literally, that he must come from the sky. They were the victims of the letter of the Old Testament

Page 68: DP & Schleiermacher

We must not doubt the messages from spirit world. When we enter there, we will be measured by our belief in spirit world messages.

/ SMM Dec1, 2000

Page 69: DP & Schleiermacher

Benny AnderssonSweden

Page 70: DP & Schleiermacher

Exposition of the Divine Principle1996 Translation

PART IIChapter 5

The Period of Preparationfor the Second Advent of the Messiah

• In the course of the providence of restoration, a false representation of the ideal appears before the emergence of its true manifestation. The biblical prophecy that the antichrist (Communism) will appear before the return of Christ is an illustration of this truth.


Page 71: DP & Schleiermacher

Tamar became pregnant with twins who fought within her womb.

The time of birth came and the first son, Zerah, pushed out his hand. The midwife tied a scarlet thread around his wrist.

This was a symbolical prediction that in the time of the Last Days communism, a satanic ideology, represented by the - color red, would appear first before God's kingdom is established.

SunMyungMoon Prophecy of 1972

Page 72: DP & Schleiermacher

After 7,000 biblical years--6,000 years of restoration history plus the millennium, the time of completion – communism will fall in its 70th year.

Here is the meaning of the year 1978. Communism, begun in 1917, could maintain itself approximately 60 years and reach its peak. So 1978 is the border line and afterward communism will decline; in the 70th year (1987) it will be altogether ruined.

/SunMyungMoon April 1972 Paris, France

SunMyungMoon Prophecy of 1972

Page 73: DP & Schleiermacher

East-West tension

Chilly war re-starting !

Arab Spring

IsisRefugee crisis


Page 74: DP & Schleiermacher

There are hundreds of billions of spirits in the spirit world. Billions of spirits are on the attack to take hold over the physical world. Neurosis is one resultant phenomenon of this reality.

After the year 2000, people will be able to communicate with each other spiritually. Whether they communicate with evil or good spirits, they may fight even if they are ordered not to make war.

Page 75: DP & Schleiermacher

This time could come, but the mission of the Unification Principle is to prevent this.A tall tower produces radio interference. The phenomena of neurosis are like that.

The most fearful thing would be if only evil spirits mobilized and attacked the physical world.

What would happen if that were case?

Regardless of the number of people on earth, they would all be attacked by evil spirits.

/CSG 2006 Book 5 7:2

Page 76: DP & Schleiermacher

The shape of Korea: special meaning according to the I Ching. It looks like the archangel blowing a trumpet. Rev 8:6; 1 Thess. 4:16

USA has the role of roman-empire 2000 years ago.DP: The situations unfolding in Christianity today are

similar to those which took place in Judaism at Jesus' time. 

Church level1960

Page 77: DP & Schleiermacher

The shape of Korea: special meaning according to the I Ching. It looks like the archangel blowing a trumpet. Rev 8:6; 1 Thess. 4:16

USA has the role of roman-empire 2000 years ago.DP: The situations unfolding in Christianity today are

similar to those which took place in Judaism at Jesus' time. 

Church levelWorld level

1960 2003

Page 78: DP & Schleiermacher

The shape of Korea: special meaning according to the I Ching. It looks like the archangel blowing a trumpet. Rev 8:6; 1 Thess. 4:16

USA has the role of roman-empire 2000 years ago.DP: The situations unfolding in Christianity today are

similar to those which took place in Judaism at Jesus' time. 

Church levelWorld level

Cosmic level

1960 20032013

Page 79: DP & Schleiermacher

The Korean flag is called taegukki. Its appearance symbolizes the principles of yin and yang in Oriental philosophy. 

The circle in the center is divided into two equal parts. 

The upper red section represents the ”positive” cosmic energy yang. Similarly, the lower blue section symbolizes, the ”negative” cosmic 

forces yin. 

The two forces together embody the concept of perpetual motion and balance and harmony 

that characterize the eternal realm. (KoH)

Page 80: DP & Schleiermacher

Benny AnderssonSweden

Page 81: DP & Schleiermacher

"When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of that old Negro spiritual, 

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!"

Dr. Martin Luther King

Page 82: DP & Schleiermacher

Unification Church Universal Holy Blessing

Page 83: DP & Schleiermacher

Tree of LifeBenny Andersson


Page 84: DP & Schleiermacher

Remarkable Messages from the Spiritual Realmwww.messagesfromspiritworld.info/

Sung Han Lee2000-2002

Page 85: DP & Schleiermacher

In Order To Realize the World Of PeaceRev. Sun Myung Moon

February 6, 2003


A prophecyI would like to ask you to take deep interest in the prophecy that I am about to make. Humankind is at a turning point. This era is that long-awaited time in which the power of God will become manifest in our lives, even though He is invisible and has seemed almost powerless and nonexistent in the past.

Page 86: DP & Schleiermacher

In Order To Realize the World Of PeaceRev. Sun Myung Moon

February 6, 2003


The time has come when the absolute power of God, who is the Lord of the holy order and laws which really do exist in all things and in the universe, will manifest in amazing ways and be experienced by people in their daily lives.

Page 87: DP & Schleiermacher


In this way, humankind will naturally experience the laws of the universe, and become true people through a clear change in character.

Through this, people will learn that the existing order of the universe and the relationships of humankind were not made to be centered on oneself or self-interest; rather, they were made to live for the sake of others altruistically.

Page 88: DP & Schleiermacher

FinalProphecyfor 2013

Dr. Sun Myung Moon

July 24, 20106.13 by the Heavenly Calendar

Manhattan Center, New York City

I have already proclaimed that

January 13, 2013 (Moon Cal.) = February 22, 2013 (Solar Calendar) will be “Foundation Day.”

That day will be the actual beginning of God’s Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk.

Page 89: DP & Schleiermacher

FinalProphecyfor 2013

Therefore, it is time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heaven’s decree. An unavoidable time is upon us today when we must invest ourselves completely with a life or death commitment for these remaining three years under the guidance of the True Parents who carry out the providence on earth as the substantial representatives of God, the King of Kings.

All the good spirits in the spirit world are mobilized and are already moving forward, a step ahead of you.

Page 90: DP & Schleiermacher


Aju! (2006)

Page 91: DP & Schleiermacher

I am working hard to send my anointed representatives to all nations. The era in which they live is one in which mistakes such as that of John the Baptist will never be repeated.

Unlike Jesus, whose time ended abruptly through his going the way of the cross, I surely will complete the restoration of God's homeland on this earth, as I have received Heaven's seal as the King of Peace.

Page 92: DP & Schleiermacher

With God and the King of Peace as the central axis, I shall lead the anointed representatives sent throughout the world and so create the original ideal kingdom of everlasting peace. /Book 13 Peace Messages

Page 93: DP & Schleiermacher

Great Future for Mankind´True Parents for Heaven Earth

and Humankind

Golden Age

Page 94: DP & Schleiermacher

According to the Buddhist scriptures, Udumbara is an imaginary flower that only blossoms every 3000 years when the King of Falun comes to the human world.

This heavenly flower is a sign of rare preciousness and a miracle.

Page 95: DP & Schleiermacher


Page 96: DP & Schleiermacher


Prophecies are not for the purpose of the satisfaction of human curiosity, rather to prepare us for the future.

Mans 5% + Gods 95% = 100 % Fulfillment of Gods Will! Be Responsible – Witness - Do Good!

We are at the center of the providence. On us it depends whether we will bring blessing or curs in our future. 5%/5%

/Nostradamus, the Korean Prophecy and the Bible Yulian Marianov September 14, 2010

Page 97: DP & Schleiermacher

So in the present case I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail;but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!” 

/Gamaliel, a teacher of the Law held in honor by all the people

/Acts of the Apostles, chapt 5, vers 34-42

Page 98: DP & Schleiermacher

Conclusion: Let Gamaliels word of 2000 years today again ring true in our modern time.

if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail;but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them.

And let the hard test of time…Show the truth in True Parents, the Blessingand the new Holy Words over 18 meter high book pile.

Page 99: DP & Schleiermacher

It is the Word of the Lord of the Second Advent that convince Future Mankind that Christ has come!

She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron (Truth). He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. Rev 12:5 &19:12

The Messiah will come with a "New Name“ = New Adam

Page 100: DP & Schleiermacher

…rule all nations with a rod of iron (Truth). Rev 12:5

Page 101: DP & Schleiermacher


There was great rejoicing on September 1, 2015 in Cheong Pyeong, Korea, with the successful publication of the Cham Bumo Gyeongin Korean, English and Japanese.

Page 102: DP & Schleiermacher

Expressions of Truth!www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/DP96/


Until Original Mission of Jesus

After the Coming of Heaven

Life and Mission of

Second Coming

Page 103: DP & Schleiermacher

References:Main Source: Divine Principle: www.unification.net/dp96Journal of Unification Studies Volume: www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Publications/JUS-8-2007/JUS-8-2007-7.htmSpeeches by Sun Myung Moon: www.tparents.org/Lib-Moon-Talk.htmCheon Seong Gyeong www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/csg+ Unification and Christian friends and some own Inspiration

Share the Gospel of GospelsChrist has Returned

A New Bright Future for Sinless Mankind

Page 104: DP & Schleiermacher

Short Vocabulary:AGS =Absolute Good SpiritsCBG = Chambumo Gyeong, Holy TextbookCSG = Cheon Seong Gyeong, Holy TextbookCIG = Cheon Il Guk, Two persons become one, KoHCP = Cheong Pyeong, Spir. training ground KoreaDP = Divine Principle, v1973 EDP = Divine Principle, v1996ODP = Original Divine Principle, 2008KoH = Kingdom of Heaven LSA = Lord of Second AdventOT = Old TestamentNT = New TestamentCT = Completed TestamentTF = True Father, SMM = Sun Myung MoonTM = True Mother, Hak Ja Han MoonTTM = Teaching and Textbook Material (G=Great)UC = Unification ChurchSee also extended Vocabulary:http://www.slideshare.net/bdp003/vocabulary-uc

Page 105: DP & Schleiermacher

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