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Alexandria gazette (Alexandria, Va. : 1834).(Alexandria ... · PDF file ceived, and lor sale bv JAMES ENTWISLE. Jr, my 11 Apothecary, No. 04. Kingst 1NINESEGARS..Thesubscriberhasjust

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Text of Alexandria gazette (Alexandria, Va. : 1834).(Alexandria ... · PDF file ceived, and lor sale...

  • I VOL MX. I .. . »^nr a Virginia Advartlaar,piSLUHtO ItkllT HI I fcllli AK S Jl O W D K I , I ii Ki;M 1»H«« P"' *nuMtn- WMm holf yoorly.

    I 4 v,,f,Bta AdrtrtlMr. (ruR Till COCNTRV)


    At n»« f"1!4r* P"r aunum. p»y«bu in »dTM> cents Light articles, or Bundles, will be forwarded

    9 a'»"n Alexandria and Washington, Irom the9 -tit' >n cither place.I Heavy freights will be transported over theI road, it delivered at the Depot in Alexandria, or 9 >: ^e Long Bridge. JOB CORSON,9 .'au *«».*1 Superintendent. 9 -b:- PALL AMl> W1NTKH AKRANUKMK.NTti. 186". 9 ADAMS' EXPHES8 COMPANY

    TWITE the attention of the public to the) 9 1 'tciiities a/Torded by this Company, for the9 ?a'fk and safe conveyance of Specie, Bank9 ^'"s valuable packages, heavy and bulkyH treigbl, Ace.9 EXPRESSES for the East, to Baltimore,!® tvu... V*w Vnrlr. Kontoii. Providence,

    H&r'.iotd. &c., leave our office daily, at 2, P. M. EXPRESSES for the South, to Richmond,;

    Fredericksburg. Petersburg, Lynchburg, and for po;nta in North Carolina, South Carolina, Geor-1 fu Alabama, and Tennessee, leave daily at 2. P. M

    t'ur EXPRESSES are always accompanied by-areiul and trustworthy messengers, and the paoiir can rely upon all business entrusted to us km* done with safety, punctuality, and despatch. Ratks. On heavy freight from Baltimore,

    fc) cents 100 lbs.; from Philadelphia, $1; tam New York, $1.50. No packages of goods taken by weight, unitsweighing over 200 lbs.

    .tf K W FALLS, Agent THE steamers GEORGE PAGE

    itStjiS^ASv THOMAS COLLYER will run nearly, at the following hours: Udw Alexandria at 4$, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, A.

    -V. 1;J. 2. 3. 4, and 5, P M. Lra\e Washington at fij, 8, 9, 10, II, A M,

    lj, 3J. 4, 5$, and «, P. M. FARE 13 CENTS.

    WHALKY'S OMNIBUSES connecting with -»I'AtiE and COLLY ER, will leave the Cap

    and corner of 12th street and Pennsylvania Avenue, the >ame time the boats leave Alexan 4» RICHARD WALLACH,

    mh President


    flfcAU PACKET COMPANY..The ateamer | IMLIMHM (apt James Harper, will leave j3»!' more on Saturday, at 4 o'clock. P. M. Re*

    truing. leave Alexandria every Wednesday Koraine. at 7 o'clock. > steamer DIAMOND STATE, Capt. J.ierwrn. will leave Baltimore every Wednesday 1 oriock. P. ,M.,and returning, leave Alexans'»uuSaturday, at 3 o'clock, P. M. For freight, w.v To WHEAT fc BRO. Agents. V freight will be required invariably in

    **»»ce. mb

    ^ F'OK BOSTON..The Tegular packetttb'ig ANDOVF.R, Crowell, master. For tr*»ght or passage, apply to *? >7 M. ELDRIDGE, Union Wharf.

    FOR BOSTON..The regular packet ftfcHhr SEARSV1LLE, Sears, master. For ftUbt or passage, apply to

    M. ELDRIDGE, Union Wharf J> VKsSEL WANTED.A Vessel wantSlltedtor Providence. Despatch eiven.

    Ml FOWLE a co.


    \ LKXANDRIA, VA.. january 1st. 1857..*"1 RICHARD T. CROSS has this day aaso |'>dwith him in business, JOHN tV. LLGEN'MLand HENRY C. FIELD, for the parJeolcarrying on a GENERAL SHOE BUSl^NSAT No. 74, King street. Alexandria, Va.,

    the tirm name and style of CROSS, ^ENBKEL ft CO., where the public gene *r >re invited to call and examine their large lx'*r selected Stock ol BOOTS, SHOES, &e., *'

    - will be sold for cash, or to strictly putic "* customers, as low as they can be had v">wtv considered) in this or any other city.

    IJ& Particular attention paid to CUSTOM °RK. both as to material and workmanship, ^ **rrant»>d tp please. A call is respectfully *'*'1*1 at the SHOE STORE of * : CROSS, LUGENBEKL A CO. p^f. cash systkm adoptid..The subscriber J.^ wvwg ttied the credit system, and found'twill not pay, has concluded to adopt the'4,H principle. In future and from this date, * *'11 continue to do business upon the above pr.neiple In bidding adieu to the old system,

    return nis thanks to his customers for '*v°rs, and hojies by strict attention and


    J 'oducements as he may offer, to continue " Ucder the new.


    Y?!S SHOESTFOR CASH ONLY!!H D V ^ SIMPSON, Agent tor STEJAJHKNK FIELD, will continue to lur.*f B>OTS AND SHOES,/or cash only, at hi. . Mend. No. h Sank RoyalUrod. mh l3-3"_ \| 00L purchased byHILL, BROWN A PARTLOW. W it a ParChMBoSwiON k PAYNE.

    DKl'G*, CHKNICALS, Ac.

    TRY BURNETT'S EMBROCATION.Thegreat Linim»nt for Rheumatism and Neuralgia.25cts. will get one of the best Linimentsin the not fail to give it a trial, for sale by

    PEEL. STEVENS A CO.. my 14 cor. of King and Alfred-sts.

    C^IAEWIVG TOBACCO.Another supply ofJ that superior Golden Twist CHEWING TOBACCO; a'so. Fannie Fern fine cut SHEWINGTOBACCO, just received, and for sale by

    WILLIAM A HART, No. 100. King street, cor. of Pitt.

    W Sign of the Golden Mortar my M DRUGS, Ac..Linseed Oil; Casiile Soap; Sal

    .Firat us, BraDdrelLs' Pills; Lee's Anti BiliousPills; Flour of Elm; CI lorate of Potash, White Castile Soap; Calabria Liquorice, just re ceived, and lor sale bv

    JAMES ENTWISLE. Jr, my 11 Apothecary, No. 04. King st

    1NINE SEGARS..The subscriber has just rereceiveda large addition to his stock of HAVANA SEGAKS. which now embraces some very choice brands, to wb ch he invites atten lion. JOHN A. M1LBURN, my 18 N. F.. ccr. ol King ai d Wash-sts.

    MRS. ALLEN S HAIR RESTORER, andBylobalsamum, Hunt's Hair Restorer, Wo< d'sdo Jayne's Hair Tonic, 'l'ricoph-rous, Katheiron, Ac., Ac., for sale by

    J. LEADBEATKR A SON, 5 mo 12 Stabler s old stand.

    J^RANGIPANM EXTRACT AND SATCHETS;Reusel's Pomade tor the Hair; Old Brown Windsor Soap; Wright's Colognes, and Lubin's Extracts tor the Handkerchiel, for Sale by PEEL. S'l EVENS A CO., my 11 corner King and Ailred streets

    DR. IVA WARREN'S Compound of pureCod Liver Oil, Phosphate of Lime and Sugar of Milk, lor the cure of Consumption, Bronchitis. Asthma, Scrofula, Ac , just r-ceived

    atSTONE'S Drug Store, my10 opposite Marshall House.

    OIL RHODIUM, Lavender, Rose, Lemon,Cloves, Pennvroyal. Spearmint, Wintergrain,Cinnamon, Wormseed, and Verbena, lor sale by PEEL. STEVENS A CO.,

    my 15 cor. King A Alfred sts.

    OIL LEMON, Oil Bergamot, Oil Citronella,Oil Arigamar. Oil Rosemary, Oil Roses, Oil Cumma, Oil Rhodium, Ac., received, and lor sale by HENRY CO«lK A CO,

    my 19 Sarepta Hall

    MATTSON S SYRINGES..Mattson's ImprovedPocket Sell Syringe, the best and cheapest kind in use, tor sale by myis H. COOK A CO.,

    \IM,°DS HA IK RESTORATIVE. Bur f y nett's I'ure Cod Liver Oil, ior sale bv

    DK. K H STABLER, my 25 No. 165, King st cor. ot Washington.

    SULPHURIC ACID..HJ Carboys, receivedand for sale byHENRY COOK & CO, my 12 Sarepta Hall

    Keystone state saponified «rConcentrated Lye, just received, and for sale by J. R. P1ERP01NT, No. 172, my 12 S. E cor. of King and Wash sts.

    SARATOGA WATER.A lresh supply, receivedand for sale byHENRY COOK \ CO., my 12 Sarepta Hall.

    ITRESH BEDFORD WATER.just receivedin glass carboys, and for sale bvHENRY COOK A CO., ! my 12 Sarepta Hall,

    "ITiCTORIA REGIA..Seeds of the Victoria f Regia, and other Aquatic Plants, very

    choice varieties, received and tor sale by my 17 H. COOK K CO., Sarepta Hall

    17TTHEREAL OIL.Best quality, just received,and lor sale by J. R PIERPOINT, No 172.

    my 12 S. E. cor. ot Kiiik and Wash sts

    Cloxe's sparkling gelatine.a full/ supply, just received, and tor sale atSTONE'S Drug Store, my 10 opposite Marshall House.

    Howard association, philadelPHIA..A benevolent Institution, establishedby special endowment tor the rebel of the sick and distressed, afflicted with Virulent and Epidemic diseases..To all persons afflicted with Sexual Diseases, such as SPERMATORRHEA,

    urr U'VL'ti. IMUUITXTP A,n i! r.nan wn, , .m v . ... ...

    The Howard Association, in \ iew of the awfuldestruction ot human Inc. caused by Sexual diseases, and the deceptions practised upon the unfortunate victims ot such diseases by quacks, several years ago directed their Consulting Surgeonas a charitable act. worthy ot their name, to open a Dispensary for the treatment of this class of diseases, in all their forms, and to give Medical advice gratis. to all who apply by let ter with a description of their condition, (age occupation, habits of life, Ac ,) and in cases ol extreme poverty, to furnish Medicines free ot charge. It is nerdlpss to add that the Associationcommands the highest Medical skill of the age. and will furnish the most approved moderntreatment. The Directors, on a review of the past, feel

    assured that their laborsin this sphere ol benevolenteffort, have been of great benefit to the at- dieted, especially to the young,and they have r?- solved to devote themselves, with renewed zeal. to this very important but much despised cause

    Just published by the Association, a Report on Spermatorrhcea, or Seminal Weakness, by the Consulting Surgeon, which wiil be sent by mail, (in a sealed letter envelope.) tree ot charge, on receipt of two stamps for postage.

    Address, for Report or treatment, Dr. GEO. R. CALHOl'N, Consulting Surgeon. Howard Association. No. 2 south Ninth street. Philadelphia,Pa By order o' the Directors.

    EZRA D. HEARTWKLL, President. George FAiRCHti,!), Secretary. Philadelphia, sop 4.-dlteoSmAwiv

    Alexandria "livery and saleSTABLE..Will be opened on Tuesday, Sentember 1st, at the inrnrr of ijunti end Fmr- .a ,

    fax streets, ant mjuurc north of Sen-ton * Hotel, the LIVKRY STABLE recently erected b) the subscriber,where m disposed of. I shall sell,by virtue of a deed ol

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