Ultraschallkardiographie: By Willibald Schmitt and Heribert Braun, unter Mmitarbeit von H. Kress, Stuttgart, 1970, Georg Thieme Verlag

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  • LEHRBUCH DER AUSKULTATIOE~ UND PEKKUSSION; JNSPEKTION UND PALPATION. By Klaus Holldack, Stuttgart, 1970, Georg Thieme Verlag, 170 pages.

    In spite of the recent progress in medical instru- mentation, the time-honored methods of inspec- tion, auscultation, percussion, and palpation are still important according to the author. The expe- rience is not uncommon that small accumulations of fluid in the thorax may escape detection by x-ray and may be diagnosed, or at least suspected, by percussion. There is, however, a tendency to- ward increasing reliance on instrumental diag- nosis, so that the art of percussion as practiced by experienced internists of 40 years ago has been lost to a certain degree, as stated in Dr. Oehmes foreword. With the limitation of the scope of any general textbook on physical diagnosis, perhaps not enough space can be devoted to these older diagnostic methods which require only a stetho- scope. In contrast, the new diagnostic methods have become so expensive that even in wealthy countries they cannot be paid (Introduction, p. 1).

    There is actually a large amount of informa- tion which can be obtained from the simple methods as documented in the volume, which is particularly valuable for physicians in rural communities.

    The book starts ,with examination of the head and proceeds to examination of the neck, thorax, abdomen, and peripheral circulation. Examina- tion of the thorax takes the largest space (pp. 32 to 121), as may be expected. Auscultation of the

    thorax is illustrated by phonocardiograms, with occasional electrocardiograms and carotid pulse tracings. In addition, there are two phonographic records: First record-A, percussion; B, Neben- gerausche (including pleuritic rub) ; second record--C, mitral valvular disease, and D, aortic valvular disease. The book is lavishly illustrated. This is the seventh edition (the first appeared in 1955), which shows the favorable acceptance in Germany. The text is quite comprehensive and well presented. It fills what has become a gap with the progress of electronic diagnostic meth- ods.

    ULTRASCHALLKARDIOGRAPHIE. By Willibald Schmitt and Heribert Braun, unter Mitarbeit von H. Kresse, Stuttgart, 1970, Georg Thieme Verlag.

    This is a brief but succinct description of the tech- nique and application of echocardiography to clinical research and clinical cardiology. The authors describe their method clearly with ade- quate illustrations. These descriptions include discussions of the theory of sound and echo- cardiography as well as the equipment used. The applications to clinical states are nicely presented and profusely and well supported by echocardio- grams recorded simultaneously with electro- cardiograms and phonocardiograms. The common applications are included with many case reports. This is a good book on a subject that has definite applications to clinical and research cardiology.